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  1. Stimpii

    Kerry Conway #17 I guess we could say the quality of the nails is pretty Dyer

    Ok so there’s too many pages to go through for thread suggestions 🙈 so went with this comment from @Definitelyme that was one of the most liked comments 😊
  2. Sparkle pup

    Kerry Conway #16 Kezza’s out buying cognak, the kids have no decent attire and the playroom is still dire

    New thread made hope that I done it right, I used the title that I suggested as I couldn’t find any others. Can someone do a re-cap please. Thanks 😀
  3. Belulah

    Kerry Conway #15 Poo coloured car and mushy pea Yeezys- building a play room will be easy peasy

    No sign of the playroom, Kez can tell the future and Roma will NOT fall off her bike. Kids in rags while Kez’s shoes cost big bucks!
  4. xLJ03x

    Kerry Conway #14 Thinks she’s a parenting Queen, so she never needs to clean

    Continued thread for The Conway Clan #homerenovation #Montessori #girlgang #gentleparenting #didyougetthesarcasm? Congrats to @Definitelyme on winning the thread title with this one. 😁
  5. black ripped skinnies

    Kerry Conway #13 Kerry claims to follow Montessori but girls are glued to iPads every story

    Made a new thread as we were waaaaaay over the limit... I'll comment below with who to credit the thread title too as I've forgotten already 😂🙈 had 19 likes, edited slightly to fit. Continue here tattlers ♥ Also, a quick reminder to hit report on any post you think is causing an argument, using...
  6. black ripped skinnies

    Kerry Conway #12 YouTube career looks bleak, Wayne & Waynetta can’t handle the critique!

    New thread for all things Conway! Title by @xLJ03x Anyone care to do a recap? Had to edit the title slightly to make it fit, hope that's okay ❤️
  7. black ripped skinnies

    Kerry Conway #11 a family of slobs but ‘accidentally’ deletes Waz’s fart from a vlog.

    Continue here for all things Conway Clan! Title by @xLJ03x Can anybody do the recap as I'm about to head out?
  8. xLJ03x

    Kerry Conway #10 Queen of click bait but all 3 children always a state

    First time creating a new thread, hope I’ve done it right?! Thanks to @LurkyLaur for the new thread title with the suggestion with the most votes - way back in August! As you were tattlers ☕ Photo added to this thread just for the LOLs!
  9. black ripped skinnies

    Kerry Conway #9 Bandwagon Hopper, Bargain Bin Shopper!

    Thanks to @Blondie for the new title with most likes! Thread 9 for all things Conway... Quick summary of the last thread... - Kerry actually posted some great content and shared some insightful posts into the BLM movement and temporarily turned us tattlers in to her fan club 🤫 - However it...
  10. D

    Kerry Conway #8 finally moved the sofas, oh the grime! Come on Pais, it’s phonics time!

    New thread for the Conways. Honourable mentions to their hob fiasco, missing(but not missing) copper pipe, and their unbeatably messy Kallax unit.
  11. D

    Kerry Conway #7 No kids on the grid, unless she’s earning a few quid

    New thread, same Conways. What will they get up to next?
  12. black ripped skinnies

    Kerry Conway #6 New kitchen, new specs, please let Sienna’s room be next!

    Continue all things Kezza and the gang here... Thanks to @Definitelyme for the title! Will the kitchen of dreams go in without a hitch? Is Kezza finally go to sort out that kallax unit? Will the girls ever get a table to eat at? Let's pray for Sienna's bedroom 👌
  13. black ripped skinnies

    Kerry Conway #5 Rude to the core, vlogs are a bore, house is an eye sore, show us the door!

    Thanks to @Blondie for the title 👌 Tattle away guys x
  14. I

    Kerry Conway #2 New House Is A Dump, Married To A Lump, Dumb And Dumber Will Be Needing A Plumber

    New thread. Fab name by @Seethroughthecrap ?