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  1. BananaRama

    Katie Bailey #10 Katie and Hannah up a tree - b e g g i n g

    Most votes thanks to @DellaC Last time we had H in the title, their situationship went down hill fast. Wonder if we gonna jinx it again?! Lol
  2. pixelsdream

    Katie Bailey #9 K is fishing but not in a lake but in h knickers instead

    Hope it's OK to use my own suggestion hope it's OK?
  3. BananaRama

    Katie Bailey #7 They use me for clout, it wasn’t me guuuys. Deflecting with sarcasm but admitting the lies

    New thread 🤗 I sat and was going back and forth with names so have kept a few in my notes for future reference if it’s needed 😂 she’s the gift that keeps giving but having a limited number of letters doesn’t do me any favours 😂
  4. BananaRama

    Katie Bailey #6 Couldn’t get L back so found a new situationship, the 2 came together for a paid partnership

    I liked both suggestions from these 2 tattlers so used @imfromtiktok idea and @zoeshere idea and mushed them together.
  5. BananaRama

    Katie Bailey #4 Salmon Wallet and a questionable kitty, mastered croaky voice for shedload of pity

    New thread for the one and only Beggy Bailey Who tonight has put on a wonderful performance of instant pain relief using an onion as she’s abused her codine so much it doesn’t even touch the sides
  6. BananaRama

    Katie Bailey #3 I stepped on a bee, I scam women for all their money

    Thought a mini tribute to the absolute biggest bullsh1tter in the world currently (Amber Turd) was quite fitting for a Beggy Bailey thread post.
  7. BananaRama

    KatieBailey #2 A beg, a narcissist & a pathological liar, girl needs bigger pants cause that on fire

    New thread guys! I couldn’t post @DellaC as it breached the rules of a thread name 😂 Was absolutely my fav! Anyone for their take on a recap?
  8. BananaRama

    Katie Bailey

    I had to make a thread on her. I was watching the TikTok lesbian thread but she definitely needs her own. Just saw the major kick off between her and Hannah along with Niamh. I can’t get over how everyone is pulled into her lies, how she’s so wanted and praised by so many. No more gifts now -...