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    Dr Jessica Taylor #9 Don't be fooled by the sports car I got, I'm still grifter Jessie from the block

    Title by me and @maisiedaisy2! Time for another thread about the tallest of poppies. Recap: Jess is about to release Underclass, the most seminal book of our time, all about the teenage legend that is herself. She's already planning sequels and a movie adaptation. Extracts shared from the book...
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    Dr Jessica Taylor #8 'Allo 'Allo - it's the tall poppy with the big boobies!

    Thread title courtesy of @Dike Themis Before Jess starts up again about how we're misogynists making fun of her looks, the title refers to her claim that "feminists" were attacking her and Jaimi out of jealousy because "our tits are too big" Recap: Jess and Jaimi went on a taxpayer-funded...
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    Dr Jessica Taylor #7 Unexpected ITIM in the Bragging Area

    New title by @Dike Themis Recap: Jess released the ITIM (Indicative Trauma Impact Manual) to much fanfare. Supposed peer reviewers include her personal friend Sarah McGrath, who is not a psychologist or doctor, and who had gone on a night out with Jess around the time of the review. Jess also...
  4. gisellejoly

    Dr Jessica Taylor #6 A personality rarer than her pearl

    Thanks to @Mbhoy for the new thread title
  5. B

    Dr Jessica Taylor #5 The Unhinged Fringe

    Thanks to @empowered1 for the thread name.
  6. Whatevesmate

    Dr Jessica Taylor #4 Consent is for losers, not for me. Ignore that journalist spilling the tea.

    New thread here. I think that it was @MsSelfridge who came up with the new thread title! Apologies if I am mistaken. Keep exposing the unethical narc, Dr Jessica Taylor here!
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    Dr Jessica Taylor #3 Everyone's favourite moon-howling guru

    Title by @alphaspagbol from a suggestion by @butterjamcream. Jess's wiki is here. Recap: Jess is on yet another five-star honeymoon so is running out of content and has had to keep dredging up stuff she wrote years ago. She did, however, take the time to publish an inappropriate and...
  8. BanditHealer

    Dr Jessica Taylor #2

    A continuation of thread #1, to discuss Dr Jessica Taylor, her company Victim Focus, and her unethical behaviour relating to vulnerable people.
  9. petitspois

    Dr Jessica Taylor

    Mentioned a lot in the Gender Discussion thread......doesn't seem quite legit.