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  1. Justherefortittle

    Jemma McGowan #8 Light a candle & let us pray, Tracy stalks tattle day after day 👋🏻

    New Thread 🧵 Thanks @smashingpumpkin for the suggestion it was the one with the most likes on thread #7 Old thread here …
  2. The original derry girl

    Jemma mc Gowan #7 Lazy McGowan's sit on their asses while GFMs buy ugly glasses

    New thread for Jemma aka Lazarus --- Winning thread title by @TikToc with 19 votes
  3. Justherefortittle

    Jemhow #5 still spending your cash whilst flogging overpriced trash.

    Link to previous thread here Onto our fifth thread now for Jemma McGowan, troops assemble 😂
  4. Justherefortittle

    Jemhow #4 Jemma McGowan

    New thread as the last one moved fast posting them all here
  5. The original derry girl

    Jemhow #3 jemma mc gowan

    New thread for Jemma
  6. The original derry girl

    Jemhow #2 Jemma mc gowan

    Creating this thread to stop another thread getting derailed
  7. Beefcake-tits

    Jemhow - Jemma McGowan

    A thread for to discuss @Jemhow as other threads are being derailed. Quick Summary. 27 year old Jemma from Omagh, Tyrone current battling stage 4 cancer. Has a go fund me, which was used to fund a trip to Mexico for alternative therapy. Is currently fund-raising/raffling to fund her treatments...