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  1. Tabitha

    James Smith PT #9 The blue tick bellend

    Thanks @Clariecakes for the title Recap: he’s still boring and bald
  2. B

    James Smith #8 follicle ducking deficit

    Thanks @Calabria for the thread title. Hoping it doesnt get pulled cos of the swear! Holding out that we can use @Londoncailín suggestion for the next thread of "visa fucking deficit". So.. recap.. James the boy child has been flitting between Australia and the UK doing important influencer...
  3. Scragbags

    James Smith #7 Mullet man, please swipe up for my premium plan

    Carry on discussing the excellent content that james smith and friends give us P.s james is still a man child with shit hair.
  4. longtimelurker86

    James Smith #6 James Smith (he/him)

    New thread! Courtesy of @Grippy with I think 63 likes! If somebody would like to recap... 🙃
  5. B

    James Smith #5 Nap, coffee, Q&A then rude to "fans" every day

    Not sure I've done this right but 🤞
  6. DaisyDaisy87

    James Smith #4 Wannabe Chess Master, relationship disaster and hair getting thinner faster

    Thread 4 - hope I’ve done this correctly! Thanks to @NosyWelshCow for the suggestion with the most votes! ❤️
  7. I

    James Smith PT #3 How (not) to be a James blunt

    Thread 3.
  8. Londoncailín

    James Smith PT #2 James Smith & his insta clique.

    Following on from previous thread. As you were... I’m going to begin this thread on a positive note. I absolutely love Ben Carpenter. I have followed him for quite a while. His content is amazing. It’s well researched and so informative. When someone challenges him or trolls him, he is so...
  9. H

    James Smith PT and Friends (insta clique)

    Oh..... I so would. He’s an arrogant fucker, but he’s fit as fuck. I’m 15 years older than him but I still would. He gives me fizzy knickers! https://www.instagram.com/jamessmithpt
  10. B

    James Smith

    Love this social media. He has helped really make me think about my approach to food and “dieting”. He seems to be in a relationship with shona vertue- another fitness guru. She’s gorgeous. Not sure if they are definitely exclusive though. As far as I know they haven’t acknowledged it...