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  1. Keikochan

    Fayejay #11 Work shy Steve always having a rest, Ting Tong's too porky for IVF

    Thanks @Sparkledarmer for the title! There isn't much to update with Faye, it really is same shite different day.
  2. ChubClubThug

    Fayejay #10 Ting Tong smokes a bong, sort your life out your priorities are all WRONG!

    New thread for little miss fraud. Still a scab, still deluded, still no word on the GoFundMe refunds. Still no efforts to lose weight or pay for her own IVF. We are awaiting the clampits holiday abroad (that was probably funded on the donations they received) Big Steve still doesn't have a...
  3. G

    Faye Jay #9 GoFundMe to have a baby, wouldn't be needed if cropper wasn't so lazy

    New title my little tattle family ❤ Lets re-cap shall we? Faye thinks shes shit hot :rolleyes: She's on the scrounge again and somehow gets it Her home is turning in to a FREE ADVERT for cheap furniture company Rocking out all the 90s/2000 songs she loves Gagging to get pregs to get a...
  4. Keikochan

    Faye Jay #8 Gifted new furniture for the lounge, Idle dosser ,always on the scrounge.

    Thanks @Belle's mummy for the tread title. In summary of the last thread, not much has changed. She got some new furniture and is speaking with her Mother again. Ste still hasn't proposed or done anything really. She is still feeding the kids out of date food. Her hygiene is still gross. She...
  5. Pandasnooks

    FayeJay #7 FakyeJay dirty minging narc mother. It’s all about you & gingerbread man. We have 0 respect fo

    @Rascal Thx ❤ UC, Child Element, PIP, Carers Allowance, Housing Benefit, Council Tax Reduction, Child Benefit, Child Maintenance, Cost of Living Payments, Warm Home Discount, YT income, paid on the slide to advertise utter "bag of wank" gifted crap, undeclared income, reselling shite, takes owt...
  6. Pandasnooks

    FayeJay #6 Flabby Faye loves a tin of Irish stew... the state of her house would make you spew!!

    Thanks @Telly Fanatic As u were 😘
  7. Pandasnooks

    FayeJay #5 Thinks she's a chazza shop queen, she'll make it fit, you know what I mean

    Thanks @Bella's mummy for the thread title ❤ As we were ladies 😘✌
  8. Pandasnooks

    FayeJay #4 5 Cats 2 Dogs 1 Sponger

    Thanks to... whoever came up with it x I cannot CANNOT deal with the "15 minute wash"! I'm hopin to fck she isn't using that wash for her bedding the clatty bitch 🤢 bet she is!
  9. Pandasnooks

    FayeJay #3 Stop washing your hair with Lynx and clean your house because it stinks!

    Thanks @ChubClubThug for the most liked thread title ❤ Cannot believe that last upload... wtaf! She's been on the beg for free food so decided to feed her disgusting hairy slobbery mouth and the lazy creepy ginger bollox bf! The kids!!!!!???? He seems like a total imbecile too, her giggling...
  10. Pandasnooks

    FayeJay #2 Mucky kitchen, grotty stove. Real dead ringer for Meatloaf.

    Thanks to @Bella's mummy
  11. I'm not Putin


    so i discovered fayejay on youtube and at first i was like wow a breathe of a fresh air but after recent days i have been watching her and i dont know part of me thinks this whole postive vibe thing she does is an act i was just wondering what others thought of her ?