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  1. Beavana

    Shannen Joyce #11 Lads it’s been said again and again but there is nothing that gets past a tattler

    @HumphreyB 😂👏 def new thread time for the candle shit show- Julie/ twins part 2 😂😂💩💩
  2. B

    Shannen Joyce#10 Worked hard to set up her “brand”, swears blind she didn’t use the gofundme 175grand

    Thanks to @DollyDaydreaming for thread suggestion. Had to amend slightly to fit. @Missymeister is off to Coldplay tomoro🎉🎉 Recap Shannen being her usual boring self. Still ignoring the gfm and hoping it goes away. Stories appeared online about her been trolled. Comments on Dublin's 104 on...
  3. U

    Shannen Joyce #9 Liar Scammer Liar Moaner Liar Bully Liar Troller

    New thread for Shannen Joyce. Hope I’ve done this right! Recap: Shannen continues digging an even deeper hole for herself.
  4. Mocaacom

    Shannen Joyce #7 Run run as fast as you can, you will eventually be exposed for your GFM scam

    Credit to @Gizmo79 for the title. And credit to @[email protected] for the summary (I can’t work out how to do a wiki) WIKI Shannen Joyce. Thought it would be great to put together all the research and a timeline to package it up nicely for any new readers here since Tea spill or to package it up...
  5. lodgequeen

    Shannen Joyce #6 Big C for Con, your attitude is not on. Explain yourself, where has the money gone?

    Thanks to @Beefcake-tits for the thread title with almost 55 votes, had to shorten to fit. Will thread number 6 finally be the one where we see what Shannen Joyce spent almost €200,000 on?? As you were 💅🏼
  6. lodgequeen

    Big C and Me #5 No more Big C but it's still all me! And my huge GoFundMe

    As you were, Tattle bitches ♥️
  7. lodgequeen

    Big C & Me #4 Big C no more so what’s the €170K Go Fund Me for?

    As you were 😎
  8. Justme00

    Big C and me #3 Don't question me!

    New thread for Big C and Me.
  9. brandambassador

    The Big C #2 restrictions not for me

    Shannon part 2.
  10. S

    Big C, it’s all about me, me, me

    Thanks to @Airy-fairy for the thread title. Have at it folks
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