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  1. Bidscavan

    Shannen Joyce #15 Scumbag and Scambag go on a little break, with bags full of coke and fifty euro notes!

    Congrats to @Campfirestew for the winning thread title suggestion 🥳🥳 Honorable mention has to go to [USER=112436]@CeeCeeBloom[/US8mER] for their post which was suggested as thread title but I can't use it for obvious reasons 😂🥳 **He has a neck like a saggy ball sack And her with a neck like a...
  2. Bidscavan

    Shannen Joyce #14 New man looks like an angry foreskin, where's the go fund me money Scammen ?

    Thanks to @work4aliving for the winning thread title🥳🥳🥳 Quick recap New boyfriend on the scene. He looks dog rough but shur with the state of her hair and her tan they are well matched. Local goss suggests he's a drug dealer and Scammen is a willing customer. Most of last thread was Scammen...
  3. Bidscavan

    Shannen Joyce #13 Mam had a scare, who cares the go fund me got me this new hair

    Congrats to @redridinghood100 on the winning thread title🥳🥳🥳 Quick recap Basically the last thread went on forever because Scammen is boring as fuck. It would be more interesting watching paint dry to be honest. She's back to work allegedly, Smugbysj seems to have disappeared off the face of...
  4. Bidscavan

    Shannen Joyce #12 Snug by SJ, a chancer, a taker, a candle stick maker

    Congrats to @Irishgalperth on the winning title suggestion🥳🥳 QUICK RECAP Snug by SJ was finally launched in October. Turns out its a range of candles that she's stuck her name to. She says one new product will be added each month but shur its Scammen so we don't really believe her. She will...
  5. Beavana

    Shannen Joyce #11 Lads it’s been said again and again but there is nothing that gets past a tattler

    @HumphreyB 😂👏 def new thread time for the candle shit show- Julie/ twins part 2 😂😂💩💩
  6. Bidscavan

    Shannen Joyce#10 Worked hard to set up her “brand”, swears blind she didn’t use the gofundme 175grand

    Thanks to @DollyDaydreaming for thread suggestion. Had to amend slightly to fit. @Missymeister is off to Coldplay tomoro🎉🎉 Recap Shannen being her usual boring self. Still ignoring the gfm and hoping it goes away. Stories appeared online about her been trolled. Comments on Dublin's 104 on...
  7. U

    Shannen Joyce #9 Liar Scammer Liar Moaner Liar Bully Liar Troller

    New thread for Shannen Joyce. Hope I’ve done this right! Recap: Shannen continues digging an even deeper hole for herself.
  8. Mocaacom

    Shannen Joyce #7 Run run as fast as you can, you will eventually be exposed for your GFM scam

    Credit to @Gizmo79 for the title. And credit to @dontcome@me for the summary (I can’t work out how to do a wiki) WIKI Shannen Joyce. Thought it would be great to put together all the research and a timeline to package it up nicely for any new readers here since Tea spill or to package it up...
  9. lodgequeen

    Shannen Joyce #6 Big C for Con, your attitude is not on. Explain yourself, where has the money gone?

    Thanks to @Beefcake-tits for the thread title with almost 55 votes, had to shorten to fit. Will thread number 6 finally be the one where we see what Shannen Joyce spent almost €200,000 on?? As you were 💅🏼
  10. lodgequeen

    Big C and Me #5 No more Big C but it's still all me! And my huge GoFundMe

    As you were, Tattle bitches ♥️
  11. lodgequeen

    Big C & Me #4 Big C no more so what’s the €170K Go Fund Me for?

    As you were 😎
  12. Justme00

    Big C and me #3 Don't question me!

    New thread for Big C and Me.
  13. brandambassador

    The Big C #2 restrictions not for me

    Shannon part 2.
  14. S

    Big C, it’s all about me, me, me

    Thanks to @Airy-fairy for the thread title. Have at it folks