Big C & Me #4 Big C no more so what’s the €170K Go Fund Me for?

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Can you imagion the conflab the other day when she meet twins and me and brenda and the other wan at the anglers spitting fire me thinks.


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As this is a new thread and someone asked at the end of the previous one what the original goal of the GFM was- it was €10,000. Shannon can state all she wants that she will not comment on it or this forum again but that GFM and their abuse of the goodwill of people who donated is the only reason I engage with this particular tattle page.


😂 She is like politician- talk so much , but didnt say anything. Spent money on what? How much? Rented apartments in Dublin , but mostly stayed in Youghal. And all on stories, not on post. Didnt mentioned by name this horrible page , scared so many people will find out and open eyes. 😂
Lads this pissed me off . She posts about eileen passing away and that she's heartbroken.. then in the next snap she posts 'sick child /= tired mama' with a stupid pose...

Like that's so insensitive... ffs like poor eileen passing away then boom posting that stupid post .


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Isent she just such an inspiration she never went down the road of why me or looking for gifts or freebies
Allways fought for other cancer victims she is one of a kind.
A true inspiration, and what we should look to as the perfect blogger/influencer.
No doubt Shannen will jump on this one now and pull in the likes by the 'it could be me' and needing the encouragement of telling Shannen to be strong🙄
I hope she donates her gfm to cancer research and palliative care now as a priority. Somehow, I don't think so though.
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