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    She described herself as caucasion.

    50 photographs https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iLzyZdzzGlM&feature=youtu.be

    Does Meghan have a backer and a goal to destroy Royal Family?

    Speculation of marriage before Trevor Engleson


    4 August 1981 - Rachel is born. David Modell's documentary Thomas Markle: My Story starts with her father noting that the baby had to be delivered by C-Section and he was the first person to hold her.


    1993 - Meghan appears on Nick News regarding Proctor and Gamble's sexist dish soap advert.

    1999 - Appears as an extra in the music video 100 Oceans for Tori Amos.


    2002 - First official TV credit Nurse Jill in General Hospital. 1 episode

    2004 - Started dating Trevor Engleson, film producer.

    - Appeared in sci-fi drama Century City. 1 episode.

    2005 - A lot Like Love starring Ashton Kutcher. Credited as "hot girl" on screen for under 1 minute.

    2006 - The war at home. 1 episode, character called Susan who lead actor has a crush on.

    - CSI:NY 1 episode role as Veronica Perez - cleaning in her lingerie.

    - Deceit TV movie. Played Gwen. Clips have been removed from the internet.

    2007 - Deal or No Deal - briefcase girl #24. 34 episodes.

    2008 - 90210 - 2 episodes as Wendy, giver of oral sex.


    August 2010 - Suits season 1. Her part is small.


    2011 - Appears in the film Horrible Bosses.

    Appears in the TV movie 'The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down'. The tagline is "A real life guide to sex, drugs and bad behaviour". Markle's character is the drug-snorting, bed-hopping Dana.

    February - Frim Fram created(this was the company behind The Tig blog).

    September - Married Trevor at Jamaica Inn Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Reportedly gave bags of Marijuana as wedding favours. None of the Markle side of the family at the wedding, only Doria.


    February 2012 - The Tig domain is purchased.

    September 15th - Soho House Toronto opened. Attended by Jessica and Ben Mulroney along with founder member Cory Vitiello and Markus Anderson.


    2013 - Regularly spotted out with Jessica and/or Markus.

    July 5th - Separates from Trevor Engleson. Posted her wedding and engagement ring back to Trevor by registered mail.

    August 7th - Divorce papers filed.

    Starts to do charity events around this time to increase her profile, even if she has no connection to them(Cantor Fitzgerald).

    Summer - Films Men's Health "grilling" video

    Summer - Jessica becomes her stylist. It is around this time she starts filming Hallmark, made for TV movies, in the yearly down time between filming seasons of Suits.


    2014 - Meghan starts to make friends with high profile and well connected people.

    February - Divorce finalised from Trevor. Divorce documents here

    - Attends the DirectTV charity beach ball and meets Serena Williams, who becomes a friend.

    May - TheTig.com is live. Used as a platform to market and publicise Meghan's profile. Has been rumoured to have been used as a means of writing off expenses for travel, hotels, restaurants and clothes.

    Meets Misha Nonoo in Miami at a lunch. Her husband is friends with Beatrice and Eugenie and Wills and Harry.

    Becomes friends with John Fitzpatrick who owns hotels in NY and is a friend of the Clintons. Social media post thanking him for letting her stay(it has been inferred for free).

    June - Sets up MM Global LLC.

    August - Rumours of an affair after filming an ice bucket challenge video with Rory McIllroy. Also spotted enjoy dinner together in NY and Dublin. Rory only stays in Fitzpatrick hotels when abroad.

    Starts dating Cory Vitiello, a Canadian chef who is known for roast chicken. Reportedly moves in with him at some point this year.

    October - Speaks at One Young World summit in Dublin.


    • Joins Kruger Crowne as an after dinner speaking. Earning up to £15K an appearance.

    • Matt Cardle, X Factor winner follows Meghan on SM. She immediately follows him back. Messages exchanged, however Matt ghosts her when she suggests meeting up.

    • V1: Ashley Cole messages her on SM to arrange to meet up. Warned off by journalist Katie Hind, or
    • V2: MM asked Lizzie Cundy to set her up with Ashley Cole

    Harry and Meghan Timeline


    February - Kruger organise for her to speak at the Cayman Alternative Investment Summit.

    March-Jan 2017 - Announced as World Vision Ambassador - travels to Rwanda despite having no association with the charity or the cause. Promotional trip with a hairdresser and make up artist. Photo in white shirt with sunglasses hooked onto her shirt, comparison to Princess Diana.

    April/May - Holiday with Cory.

    May - Invictus Games, Toronto. Harry met Meghan at a private dinner held for the games, cooked by Cory.

    May/June at the earliest - apparently ends relationship with Cory. Although still commenting on his IG posts in August .

    MM Summer 2016 insta posts etc

    June - Greece. Hen weekend for Lindsay Jill Roth's upcoming wedding. Topless photo's and video. Fly to London on 27th June.

    - 29th. Met Piers Morgan for a drink at 5 Hertford St. Left for a dinner date after receiving a text.

    - 29th Attends Wimbledon as a guest of Ralph Lauren. Seated near Cressida Bonas on one day and seated in Serena Williams box on another day, close to Pippa Middleton.

    July - Posts picture on IG of flowers from London. London being the code name used for Harry according to Suits co-stars. Allegedly bought them herself!

    - Harry was in France (30th June - 1st July) to open a visitors centre for the Battle of the Somme.

    3rd - IG posts cryptic message #lovehearts London.

    - Photographed with Millie Mackintosh at Soho Farmhouse.

    - Became a regular on The Today show giving fashion advice and cooking tips.

    Mid July - Good Housekeeping photo shoot to promote The Tig.

    - Films a test video for UKTV amongst rumours she is dating Harry.

    28th - Seen in NY at a hen weekend for Lindsay Jill Roth.

    - Harry interviewed in Malawi.

    August - 2nd Suits girls dinner in NY.

    - 4th. IG photo of birthday cake on the set of Suits.

    - 6th. NY for LJR wedding.

    - 7-14th. Ibiza and Madrid for holiday with Heather Dorak, Misha Nono, Benita Litt and Markus Anderson.

    - 15th-20th Italy on holiday with JM. Sun lounger smoking pictures.

    - 21st Earliest Meghan could have got to Botswana.

    September - 28th. Attends One Young World conference with Kruger and leaves early half way through unexpectedly.

    October - Emails Kruger Crowne and asks to terminate her contract immediately as she no longer needs to promote herself or do any public appearances.

    November - 1st. Banana cuddling picture on IG.

    - Harry secretly visits Meghan in Toronto, whilst filming Suits.

    - 8th. Harry releases a statement claiming the press have racially abused Meghan and are harassing her. Giving the relationship validation.

    - Meghan meets Charles for the first time.

    December - Papped in London before Christmas with Harry.

    - On holiday with Doria, photographed topless.

    - Allegedly caught taking photos of Nottingham cottage and escorted off the premises.

    - Allegedly Harry and Meghan break up around this time.


    January - Meghan meets Catherine and Charlotte for the first time.

    - Visit Tromvik in Norway together.

    - 17th, 5 day visit to India for World Vision.

    March - 2nd, Meghan arrives in Jamaica for the Inskip wedding. Harry arrives separately the previous day. Rumours are she was invited in 2016 before they broke up. With the exception of Harry himself, Tom Inskip was the last of Harry's friends to get married.

    April - The Tig is shut down in preparation for her life with Harry.

    - Meghan appears throughout the year on Hello and OK magazine. Jessica M has a relative who works for Hello.

    May - Meghan attends the Audi Polo Challenge at Ascot and is escorted out during the second day under the orders of Prince William.

    - Attends Pippa Middleton's evening wedding reception as Harry's plus one. Harry attends the wedding ceremony alone, then drives the 100 mile round trip to pick up Meghan.

    June - Vanity Fair interview and cover shoot for September edition. Editor in chief Graydon Carter steps down day after publication(Sept).

    - Applies for her dogs to come to the UK.

    September - 23rd-30th, Invictus Games in Toronto. Meghan arrives with MA, asked to move seats as were sat in someone's reserved seats. Everyone in this seating section is wearing lanyards apart from MM and MA. Security were asked to remove them.

    - 25th, Meghan and Harry arrive and sit together for their first public appearance as a couple. Meghan is seen merching a Misha Nonoo shirt by tucking her hair in her collar so the logo can be seen.

    - Doria is invited to the closing ceremony and meets Harry. Photos in the sky box show MA and Doria having stiff words with Harry. Harry appears to defend himself. JM is there too out of shot.

    November - Meghan announces she is leaving Suits.

    - Announced that Meghan has moved to the UK.

    - Papped at Sarah Chapman's clinic, a well known facialist.

    - Meghan's name is suddenly removed from her company Frim Fram.

    - 27th, engagement is announced. Meghan appears with chipped nails, ill fitting outfit and no tights, even though it's November. Allegedly arguments started that evening.

    December - First official public engagement together in Nottingham.

    - 21st, official engagement photos are released with Meghan wearing a transparent ballgown, rumoured to have cost £56k!

    - 26th, Harry is absent from the traditional Boxing Day hunt.


    January - 9th, Meghan shuts down all social media.

    February - 7th, Thomas Markle Jr releases emails between his and Meghan's lawyers where she is quoted as saying she doesn't know him and he is distant family.

    - Harry still hasn't met Thomas Markle Snr and there are no visits from friends or messages on SM of congratulations.

    March - Public engagement in Belfast.

    May - 19th, Married at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle.
    - 22nd, Prince Charles 70th Birthday garden party
    August - 3 day visit to Canada, MM went alone to meet with JM. Some speculate this was actually for IVF treatment.

    October - 14th, Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank wedding. Meghan is spotted wearing an unbuttoned coat, while the weather is warm enough to go without. Pregnancy announced to family at the evening reception.

    - Announce they are pregnant.

    - Move to Frogmore Cottage, from their apartment in Kensington Palace. Renovations costing over £2 million.

    - Tour of Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand. See https://helenaaurellia.tumblr.com/post/644761762224357376/the-australia-tour

    - Jason Knauf sends an email to Palace leaders alleging concerns that Meghan had been bullying staff.

    December - Christmas at Sandringham with the Royals.


    February - Meghan flies to NY for her baby shower.

    March - SussexRoyal.com domain name registered. Note that the more appropriate .co.uk is not used and instead is 'parked'

    6 May 2019 - Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor - born

    6 July 2019 - Christening Christening article

    What did MM do when she was a Royal?


    January - flew to Canada on a £134 budget flight in secret - https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/meghan-markle-secretly-flew-back-21264343

    'First Quarter' - Harry is cut off financially from the Royal Family

    November 2020 - information emerges that she did the voiceover voices for the Lincoln Project


    3 March 2021- MM accused of bullying staff
    23 March 2021 - Harry is a CHIMPO
    24 March 2021 - Harry is a 'Commissioner' at the Aspen Institute
    22 April 2021 - Meghan and 'Archie' Pap Shot - Page Six - Pap Shot / Set Up Page 1 / Set Up Page 2 / Set Up Page 3
    8 May 2021 - Harkles are "Campaign Chairs' for Vax Live
    4 June 2021 - Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor born
    8 June 2021 - Book "The Bench" published by Penguin Random House - book reviews: https://tattle.life/threads/harry-a...-needs-to-put-them-on-mute.20218/post-5220959
    9 June 2021 - Harry threatens to sue the BBC over whether HM Queen was asked if they could use the name Lilibet
    9 June 2021 - Harry announces the Invictus Games 2022
    1 July 2021 - Diana's statue unveiled - the Sunken Garden, Kensington Palace
    19 July 2021 - Harry's autobiography announced Telegraph Article
    1 September 2021 - OFCOM decision re GMB - Piers Morgan Decision
    1 September 2021 - Harry lectures GQ Awards about vaccines
    15 September 2021 - announced as one of Time magazine's top 100 'most influential' people
    23 September 2021 - Harkles visit One World Trade Centre Observatory and hold meeting with Bill de Blasio
    25 September 2021 - Global Citizen Live (BBC1)
    12 October 2021 - become 'Impact Partners' with Ethic investment firm
    20 October 2021 - MM letter to Senate re Paid Leave released to press
    27 September 2021 - Smeg reads The Bench on YouTube
    9-11 November 2021 - ANL Appeal
    9 November 2021 - Hazno took part in discussion on misinformation at the RE:WIRED summit hosted by Wired magazine
    9 November 2021 - Smeg took part in Deal Book Online Summit
    10 November 2021 - Hazno presenting Intrepid Museum's 2021 Salute to Freedom Intrepid Valor Awards
    13 November 2021 - H&M toured the Task Force Liberty base in New Jersey
    18 November - MM appeared on Ellen Show


    15 Jan - H filed claim for a judicial review against decision not to allow him to pay for police protection in UK
    Rumoured house sale - Jan 2022
    3 February - Haz speaking at Inner Work virtual event (Better Up)
    17 Jan - bought some meals from black owned food trucks to provide to volunteers at The King Center on MLK Day
    3 Feb - Better Up Inner Work video chat with Serena Williams

    9/10 Feb - Video Chat with Gareth Thomas re HIV
    13 Feb - Attended the SuperBowl with Eugenie. Smeg not in attendance.
    26 Feb - NAACP 'Awards' (Apparently the event was sponsored by themselves!)
    1 Mar - To celebrate Women’s History Month, offering grants to four organisations working to advance gender equity
    4 Mar - Samantha Markle launched lawsuit against MM
    5 Mar - H attended Stockyards Championship Rodeo in Texas
    11 Mar - H&M interfere in UK politics, signing letter criticising Government re Covid vaccine 'monopoly'
    11 Mar - H announces he won't be attending the Memorial for Prince Philip
    13 Mar - Thomas Markle launches YouTube channel
    6 April - Mayhew Tweet that MM is no longer their Patron
    6 April - media release that MM has is trying to trademark the word 'Archetypes'
    14 April - H&M make secret visit to meet HMTQ and Charles
    14 April - H&M team up with Cortico’s Local Voices Network and The Institute for Rebooting Social Media
    16-22 April - Invictus Games, The Hague
    20 April - H takes part in interview with Hoda Kotb
    16 May - H takes part in 5Rights Foundation and End Violence Child Online Safety Toolkit virtual launch
    26 May - MM milks Uvalde, Texas shooting for PR and takes some flowers to memorial
    2 June - Harkles spotted through window at Trooping of the Colour
    6 June - Release Lidl first birthday photo in Vogue
    13 June - Release details of MM visit to give 'inspiring feedback' to girls and non binary people during Invictus trip
    12 July - BetterUp video of H advising people on mental resilience Article
    18 July - H to give keynote address at UN Assembly's commemoration of Nelson Mandela International Day in NY Article
    23 August - First MM podcast released
    29 August - MM The Cut Magazine article released
    5 September - M speaking at One Young World Summit
    6 September - Both attended Invictus Games Dusseldorf promotion event
    8 September - Well Child Awards - didn't attend due to HMTQ's death
    10 September - Windsor walkabout with William and Kate

    17 September - Vigil of the Grandchildren, Westminster Hall
    19 September - HMTQ's funeral, Westminster Abbey and St Georges, Windsor
    19 October - MM Variety Magazine article released
    22 October - MM Pap Walk
    29 November - An Evening With MM - The Power of Women, Women's Fund, Indianapolis Marriott Downtown
    1 December - Netflix trailer released to overshadow #Earthshot and William and Kate in Boston
    6 December - Ripple of Hope Award Gala, New York


    10 January - Spare released, followed by TV interviews
    7/8 March - H Uplift Summit, BetterUp
    6 May - H attended the Coronation solo and flew straight back to the US
    16 May - MM presented with Women of Vision Award and subsequent ‘near catastrophic’ car chase through New York!
    23 May - MM attends Gracie Awards for Archewell podcast
    1 August - H&M FaceTime people re Responsible Technology Youth Power Fund
    8 August - H International Sports Promotion Society Summit Japan
    12 August - H Sentabale Polo Match Singapore
    30 August - Heart of Invuctus released on Netflix

    1 September - H&M attend Beyonce concert and dance like idiots
    3 September - H attends MLA - Los Angeles FC
    4 September - M attends another Beyonce concert
    7 September - H attends WellChild Awards
    8-16 Sept - H&M attend Invictus Games, Dusseldorf, Germany
    22 Sept - H&M attend Kevin Costner's'One805 Live!' charity event
    14 October - H&M holiday in Canouan Island in the Grenadines
    22 October - H attends F1 US Grand Prix race in Texas with BetterUp
    28 November - Scobie releases Endgame
    11 December - H ordered to pay ANL £48k in lawsuit after failing to strike out part of its defence in a libel claim
    11 December - H&M release Archewell Foundation 2022 Impact Report
    15 December - H 'won' £140k in lawsuit against hacking by Mirror Group Newspapers
    15 December - Office of H&M released Holiday Card 2023

    These are her humiliating moments over past year that she’s been publicly called out for in some way. All with proof, all archived from media reports around the world. Get cozy, save this post, and as always, appreciate the upvotes so it doesn't get targeted for downvotes! Posting it now as many of us will be celebrating Christmas with our loved ones. Although we are a diverse bunch, this unites us all :)

    Here’s some from 2022 to inspire you:

    • Harry and Megan of “overseas”
    • the Funeral candle
    • no Jubilee balcony
    • voetsek Megan
    • I love the part where…(YouTube comments on their Netflix trailer)
    • Marriott Meg
    • 12% Rotten Tomatoes rating for Netflix flopumentary, with her cutesy (mocking) curtesy
    What was your favourite from 2023?

    1. Air New Zealand’s epic trolling tweet re Sussex Class (a truly underrated gem). Proves Meg never bought Thomas Markle his flights for the wedding, as Harry claimed in Spare. https://archive.ph/wip/chjhf
    2. 'Live to Lead' quietly dumped on Netflix New Year’s Day. Jacinda Arden's PMO puts out a statement that when she filmed it years earlier it wasn’t affiliated with Harry and Meghan. https://archive.ph/DiDzT
    3. South Park, Worldwide Privacy Tour episode.https://archive.ph/Sqc99
    4. Frogmore no more. KCIII evicts Harry and Meg from Frogmore. Toad Abode eviction, just leave your spare keys on the bench.https://archive.ph/PeCPQ
    5. 9 edits on a Telegraph article about Harry and Meg's 'appalling treatment' from the Royal family. https://archive.ph/wip/suU7g
    6. Chris Rock blasts their victimhood (on Netflix special, extra irony). Points out all families speculate on what the baby will look like. https://archive.ph/3NdgW
    7. The underrated British Vogue moment, where they posted a pic of the best wedding veils of all time of Meghan, intentionally on William and Catherine’s anniversary. The public response was epic. They were not having it. Trolled by posting pics of Catherine in her veil. https://twitter.com/BritishVogue/status/1652309496482394116
    8. Coronation weekend: Montecito Meg will never appear in that historical record. Claims a 4 years olds birthday is more important (hot tip: kids are portable. Just like Lili was for her birthday during the Queens Jubilee). Weak PR attempt about lemon cake with lemons from her tree, and somehow Harry defying the laws of physics and time to make it back in time for Archie’s alleged party. Close second: her urban safari hike PR pap walk the next day. Honourable mention: Anne’s feather. https://archive.ph/m0fcH https://archive.ph/9BsWW https://archive.ph/7UNDp
    9. Queen of Hertz; flees via high speed “near catastrophic car chase” papped taxi “chase” that the taxi driver, Backgrid, and NYPD deny. 4 paps, with 1 on a bike. For 2.5 hours. Yes, a bike. https://archive.ph/EBmZ9
    10. Spotify, bye-bye to “f$&@ing grifters”. https://archive.ph/OWTI2
    11. Publicly manifesting Duchess of Dior? Dior source is “nonplussed as to how the story came about.” Dior firmly stares - No Deal! Update: a few months later, Princess Maria Olympia of Greece has a Dior and Aquazura contract. Repeats the process with Cartier page six article Aug 6th. Nothing. Camilla wears Dior a few days later. https://archive.ph/wip/k0hiA
    12. Netflix manifesting: rom coms, Bad Manners feminist Miss Havisham, Harry saves Africa (sarcasm on it not being a country), Meg to offer advice of safe birthing practices, buying the rights to a Princess who dies in a car crash https://archive.ph/wip/W9xQghttps://archive.ph/wip/8COXT https://archive.ph/JDspD
    13. “Turns out Meghan Markle was not a great audio talent, or necessarily any kind of talent” - United Talent Agency CEO Jeremy Zimmer. https://archive.ph/wip/4TnM6
    14. Taylor Swift turned down Archetypes Spotify appearance. https://archive.ph/VjC07
    15. No Emmy nomination for Harry and Meghan, "devastated". Scoreboard: Meg = 0 nominations. Thomas Markle = 2 Emmy wins. https://archive.ph/wip/m3PQS
    16. UnSussexful trends on Twitter after Harry and Meg blame their lack of success on "bad luck."https://archive.ph/CauG3
    17. Report surfaces that Sussexes tried to bum a ride on Air Force One following QEII’s funeral.Access denied. Also tried to tie Jill Biden’s lemon dress the day after the Oprah interview to Meg as a sign of support. Meg sends Jill a basket of lemons. https://archive.ph/ZofTQ
    18. Celeb “friends” bail. Public reports the Beckhams aren’t friends after no invite to Brooklyn’s wedding, no celeb studded InterMiami game. Serena holds a baby shower, no Meg to be found.https://archive.ph/k02N8 https://archive.ph/6rfSO
    19. No birthday wishes from the Royals. Confirms no Balmoral for the one year anniversary of the Queen’s death, despite the Sussexes confirming they will be in Germany the day after for Invictus.https://archive.ph/0IAaO
    20. Sussexes claim to be friends with John Travolta! And he noped that one in record time.https://archive.ph/dPjLW
    21. Meg attempt to convince everyone she was at the Taylor Swift concert in LA while Harry is in Japan/Singapore but no pics exist. Despite many actual celebs having pics there. Not a single one. Outside of the one helpfully provided to Page Six that’s a cropped version of her pink linen suit from the Laker’s game, Harry cropped out. Later, the pic is updated with Harry back in it after it's pointed out on this sub. https://archive.ph/DhvlY
    22. Meg dresses in beige coat, scarf, in August. In California. Attempts to merch them, including the Nucalm (aka sticker) on her wrist, with only that cuff of the coat helpfully rolled up to show it off better. Note she has not managed to elude the pap on her “casual walk”, yet there is nary a pic from the Swift concert. Skills. Despite posting it on their own Insta with a promo code, one day later NuCalm denies that they are affiliated with Meg. Ouch. https://archive.ph/MVGfP
    23. A) Meg and Harry attend Beyoncé to deflect for on the Heart of Invictus flop and rumours their marriage is in trouble. Harry manages to make Beyoncé with Meg look like he's a sulking toddler. B) Meg attempts to change the SEO results and attends Beyoncé a second night in a row, takes pics with Kerri Washington and Kelly Rowland. Kerri Washington crops Meg OUT of the pic on her Instagram.https://archive.ph/As4RZ https://archive.ph/wip/NOL8m
    24. Meg’s Backgrid planned pap, inside the restaurant, at In N Out. Allegedly buying milkshakes for a 2 yr old and 4 yr old an hour away. Which is why she's 'late' to Invictus. (Still think this was likely her assistant who hopped out of the car, went inside to take the pic, and then met her after the drive through, and they sold the pic via Backgrid.) https://archive.ph/wip/bvgjX
    25. Meg inexplicably marching with the Invictus vets, at the front, while Harry is literally on the sidelines. https://archive.ph/wip/VG5SP
    26. Meg wears a JCrew sweater to the Games. Her fans claim the Meghan effect crashed the site. JCrew comes out faster than Dior to clarify it was a confirmed outage for a website update.https://archive.ph/wufbS
    27. Archetypes trademark abandoned. So much for the other platforms manifested clamouring for it. https://archive.ph/wip/yhziu
    28. Embarrassing video at the fundraiser with Kevin Costner where she assumes she’s going to be given the mic by virtue of her being there, reached for it, and is very intentionally avoided and not given it. https://archive.ph/yeZDN
    29. Despite the NDA attempts, information on how the NY Bench faux Royal visit does not let anyone speak negatively about her visit. Ever. She also demanded a new carpet. https://archive.ph/qAhnb
    30. Snubbed by the Beckhams on their far more popular Netflix documentary. “Humiliated” by the snub from the Clooneys at their New York Foundation for Justice event.https://archive.ph/wip/GsB7j
    31. Snubbed by Kim K birthday party, despite earlier pics with Doria and days before floating PR that Meg may do a cameo on KUWTK. Compounded by Kylie’s ‘boyfriend’ Chalomet talking about the Worldwide Privacy Tour earlier in the week. https://archive.ph/wip/BGvVP
    32. Mocked on Family Guy for Netflix contract getting paid for nothing/ spon con Insta for Del Taco. Del Taco joins in and tweets about it. https://archive.ph/wip/Sm56V
    33. Meg manifests a deal with Audible. Audible spokesperson shuts that down.https://archive.ph/KTLnP
    34. William lands in Singapore for Earthshot to lit up architecture, Union Jack waving crowds, and an official tree planting at the airport. Meg and H attempt to compete by releasing a ‘candid’ pic of them at Katy Perry’s Las Vegas show (implying the standing people, phones were for them and not Celine Dion who walked in behind them). Cameron Diaz was also there, but didn’t get pics sold the same way. None of the other celebs present interact with them on camera. https://archive.ph/gnpjA
    35. Dior signs Meg. No, not that Meg, but Meg the actress who plays Kate Middleton on the Crown. https://archive.ph/wip/lH6dY
    36. Harry and Meg highly publicize their birthday call to Charles. The Palace discretely responds with detailed full itinerary of Charles’s busy day and evening, plus the press runs the fact that Charles doesn’t have a cell phone. Sussexes double down and pivot to it somehow being a prerecorded message sent (to where?) with Archie and Lili singing happy birthday. The world laughs or ignores them. https://archive.ph/i0uz8
    37. Move along Meg on TikTok, after the video of her refusing to leave her basking on the press carpet at the Variety awards. Bonus is the real celebs inside clearly refused any pictures with her. The next day it’s confirmed she wasn’t even on the Guest List, which explains the Table 12 seating in no star names social Siberia. https://archive.ph/uC4Y8
    38. Harry and Meg graciously are open to an invite for Christmas. Palace guest list leaks a day later, NFI. https://archive.ph/wip/0dEoi
    39. Endgame is published. Omid claims to not be a friend of Meghan. Two Royal racist names are leaked to the Dutch publication based on Meg’s letter to Charles post Megxit. Omid blames the translator. No one publicly appears to believe them. There is not one single positive review of Endgame in major world newspapers. Omid later in the week acknowledges the names were in the Dutch manuscript. https://archive.ph/wip/Lr8XR
    40. Hollywood Reporter lists Harry and Meghan as one of the biggest losers of 2023. https://archive.ph/E4hUt
    41. Kitson’s Holiday Hypocrisy celeb window display in LA features Harry and Meg. Tik Tok notices. https://archive.ph/7yA3F
    42. Ranker poll has both Meghan (#2) and Harry (#6) in the Top 10 list for Most Disliked Celebrities of 2023. Oprah, Hilary Baldwin,Ellen, Amber Heard (#1), and Bill Cosby also make the list. Update: They've recently become #1 and #4. https://archive.ph/OpKH5
    43. Archewell 2022-2023 Impact Report highlighting ‘Restoring Trust in Information’, including ethical journalism, drops the same day Harry is fined $60K in court for providing misleading information - where he’s suing a newspaper. Court documents call it “ironic” given the “Duke of Sussex is responsible for misleading the court.” https://archive.ph/wip/1YtSe
    44. Archewell’s 2022 financials reveal they only raised $2 mil (two anonymous $1 mil donations) vs $13 mill (also two anonymous donations) in 2021. Press brand it a “failure.” Notice they literally had only 4 donations in two years. https://archive.ph/wip/LqnuL
    45. Not invited to any parties for Art Basel in Miami. Back in 2014, Markus organized a Soho party, invited Meg, and sat her next to Misha Nonoo. Context shows Meg has even less clout now than her pre Royal days.https://archive.ph/wip/aKYPL
    46. Christmas card released. Largely ignored by world media. The response from other media: where are the kids? Called out for its embarrassing corporate look. https://archive.ph/fldEw
    47. WME is "horrified" by Meghan Markle's sinking brand and association with Endgame, and may drop her in 2024. https://archive.ph/mye6j
    48. (Honorable mentions to specific Harry’s moments: with Charles too busy to met, not going to France and hiking in Transylvania, and “in the realms of total speculation”. Harry pitches a Spotify show interviewing Putin, Zuckerberg, the Pope, etc on their shared bond of childhood trauma, Spare the most dumped holiday book of 2023. “Peace talks” between KCIII and Harry since he’s nearby in Germany for Invictus shut down less than 24h later. Persona non grata).


    10 January - H to be Inducted into the Living Legends of Aviation Alongside Other Remarkable Aviators
    19 January - H to be recognised as a Living Legend Of Aviation at ceremony in Beverly Hills
    19 January - H faces £750,000 legal bill after withdrawing libel case against Mail on Sunday
    23 January - Attend Bob Marley film premiere, Kingston, Jamaica, pose with Andrew Holness
    6 February - H arrives in London to be at King Charles' side
    12 February - Website Re-brand
    13 February - MM strikes podcast deal with Lemonada Media
    14-16 February - Invictus Games Vancouver Whistler 2025's One Year to Go celebrations

    Potential Overshadowing & 2022 Events

    Catherine's 40th
    Martin Bell - book
    Tom Bower - book
    Haznoguts - comic/book
    Piers Morgan - whatever he's planning
    Queens Jubilee
    William's 40th
    25th Anniversary Diana death
    PW and Kate USA visit
    Smegzy’s chat show debut
    Hazzno’s Corden show take over
    The truth about the kids

    Dating time line (media)

    via blog archive:

    Part 1 - https://web.archive.org/web/2020051...rdpress.com/2018/03/27/markle-timeline-part1/
    Part 2 - https://web.archive.org/web/2020051...e.wordpress.com/2018/03/28/markle-timeline-2/
    Part 3 - not archived
    Part 4 - https://web.archive.org/web/2020051...e.wordpress.com/2018/03/30/markle-timeline-4/
    Part 5 - https://web.archive.org/web/2020032...e.wordpress.com/2018/03/30/markle-timeline-5/
    Part 6 - not archived

    via DM/Hello!:

    Sussex Relationship Lies

    Screenshots List of Lies
    Page 1
    Page 2
    Page 3
    Page 4
    Harry did watch Suits and knew of her before blind date

    First Marriage/Annulment/Possible Child

    Possible first husband and child?
    Wedding/Prom photos 1
    Wedding/Prom photos 2
    Wedding/Prom photos 3
    Wedding/Prom photos 4



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