Xameliax #6 Pants, plants and lack of vision. Just blame it on the algorithm

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The “guilt” that comes along with voicing her struggle with lockdown anxiety insomnia?! She’s on another planet. Why would ANYONE feel guilty about that? Maybe someone would be embarrassed to admit they were struggling with insomnia (which they shouldn’t be!) but I can’t see anyone feeling guilty about it.

She probs does have some anxiety (who doesn’t!) but if she got up earlier, actually did stuff in the day and went to bed earlier she’d be a lot better off. She has no routine and I honestly believe that’s the worst thing for her.


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Completely agree. I find if I have a lazy day, eat junk and don't do any exercise I don't sleep as well. Whilst when I have a normal work day, get a walk or workout in and don't just eat rubbish I sleep fine. It's not rocket science!

I see she CBA with her own photo challenge this month either... such an easy way to create content and post regularly and she hasn't even done it. Bizarre.


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I'm not sure what she is trying to say about feeling guilty for having insomnia? Is there a stigma attached to it? Are people yelling at you for waking up in the middle of the night or not being able to sleep? I'm just very confused by her choice of words.


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Pretty much all of us are struggling right now.. the difference is we just get on it.. we don’t have time to sit and moan about it all day, every day. God she is insufferable.

Oh and just pay £30 for the calm app instead of tagging the company so you get it for free.


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Yep totally believe her, nawt. I must admit I haven't watched it but I can't imagine her ever putting herself out there so much - imagine all the anxiety guys.
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