Xameliax #6 Pants, plants and lack of vision. Just blame it on the algorithm

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You know, I'll admit that when I was 23, I might have enjoyed someone like Amelia. Someone who does what she wants, always puts herself first, changes her tune every five seconds, is callous with her romantic partners because who knows what time will bring, sort of thinks she'll scrape by without putting in the work, exaggeratedly focuses on her own feelings, confidently overestimates her every contribution, and plays computer games instead of working but can still afford whatever she seems to want. Truth be told, I would have found that fun to watch. Of course, I would only have related if Amelia, too, was 23. Otherwise I'd just have wondered why that 30-something doesn't have her act together, because much like Amelia herself, I was very judgy :ROFLMAO: .


I found myself watching the xameliax channel trailer that’s still at the top of her YouTube/Facebook pages and it actually made me a little sad for her - it’s like watching a totally different person. She was so full of life with a smile that was gorgeous reached her eyes and she was out all the time. Obviously travel is out this year and fair enough but she was always filming driving round in her car or out and about at meals and drinks but all her videos now are from the same spot on the couch in her PJ’s. Even well before Covid. I’m not even the Joe thing is to blame because there is interesting stuff after that.

It actually seems to correlate with when she chopped her hair. That video where it got accidentally cut and she cried and said her hair was who she was - she might have been right!


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I have been a long time lurker but finally wanted to say this.
I started watching xameliax wayyy back in the beginning when she was doing “what’s in my bag tags” with Beth. it was entertaining then because I was 16 and now it’s just boring. She’s not relatable at all to people of her age group.
Also somewhere in the middle I stopped watching her but here I read her falling out with Lauren and I went back to see what everyone was talking about.
In a lot of the vlogs she is being plain rude to Lauren. Making her walk to the tube station on purpose and being rude when she says she already worked out then looking at the camera like “ya right”
Many more examples like this.


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The more she goes on about how it is ok to take time off, the more it makes me feel that she herself has a problem with it.
Dear Amelia. It is normal to take it easy if you can. Lucky you. However, you don't need to tell everyone about it every time you do it.



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I've said it before and I'll say it again, she is a lonely lost individual who is desperate for validation and to be liked. She latches on to stacy Solomon as that's how she wants to be perceived as this happy go lucky life loving woman when in reality she rattles around an empty house with a boyfriend she settled for because she felt like no one else wanted her.

She needs to spend actual time getting to know herself and what she's about. Until then she will flit from trending idea to trending idea. That is until she becomes a mummy blogger then she will be desperate for channel mum to sign her 😂


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She’s so paranoid about what people thing - to say that she is in her Pjs at 5pm cos it’s her day off so don’t @ her... you can wear PJs whenever you want and I doubt anyone would have noticed Amelia... I’ve been in my PJs all day and I’ve been working from home 😂


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I think, deep down, she knows shes lazy, knows she does the bare minimum, knows she could be doing so much more to contribute and knows she barely makes enough money to cover the basics, but still won't get a job, she said in a q&a video a long time ago, that she'd never get a proper job again. Its all well and good staying in bed till 11am everyday and finishing 'work' by 4, but one day shes gotta think to herself, is this worth it? Is she still got be like this when shes 40? I mean, look how long she lasted with the nail business!


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I found myself watching the xameliax channel trailer that’s still at the top of her YouTube/Facebook pages and it actually made me a little sad for her - it’s like watching a totally different person.
After reading your post I just watched that, too. It's sad indeed, and a bit shocking frankly. I don't know if her personality changed as such, but her content definitely did, and the joy (or now lack thereof) she displays. It's like now she's reluctant to share anything. I wonder why she still clings to this "career" and doesn't just switch to officially making it what it really already is: a hobby.


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Not watched Amelia in so long, like literally two years the dog had died last time I watched , but honestly her content was so dry then I’m surprised she’s still bothering with this all?!
Also no offence to you guys but it doesn’t surprise me that this thread is so slow moving...there’s nothing to talk about with her, same shit diff day.


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That is until she becomes a mummy blogger then she will be desperate for channel mum to sign her 😂
Don't. There are already so many 'mummy bloggers' who's self righteous attitude annoys the shit out of me.
But Amelia would absolutely tip me over the edge, giving our her crap advice that no one asked for in the most condescending and out of touch way possible.

I don't think she would though. If there is one job that you can't slack on, it's being a mum. You can't just not turn up when you don't feel like it. No days off, no self care days 3 times a week. It's a 24/7 deal where you end up at the bottom of he pile. She's not cut out for it.

I still haven't forgiven her for her shitty advice that mums aren't trying hard enough of they don't find time for self care. Have you ever tired working a full time job and looking after two kids on your own Amelia. I'm lucky if I get time for a hot meal, because all my effort goes into supporting, feeding, clothing, caring for my kids. But please, tell me again that there's always time for a face mask afternoon like I'm just not trying hard enough 🤔 I get your message, but the majority of us don't like in a world where we can doss around all day and only think of ourselves.

Maybe learn about the outside world and step back into reality before you give anymore smug advice.
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