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  1. abeautifullife

    XAmeliax #9 mummy lunchbox full of scran so she can exploit little man!

    Congrats to rainbowchampagne! Continue here.
  2. ChampagneBox

    XAmeliaX #8 Up the duff, talks about her muff, finds life tough, we’ve all had enough!

    Finally told the world what tattle knew for months, she’s up the duff 🥱 continue tattling! well done to @MyRightTit for thread title
  3. CatHun

    XameliaX #7 If it’s before noon I’m probably in bed, did I mention I’m getting wed?

    Finally a new thread! Title from @emz1989 Short recap. Amelia is getting married, not to herself but yes Chris (not the original Chris but the second Chris) was stupid enough to propose. Of course Amelia is the first person to ever get engaged and has celebrated by booking a wedding for as...
  4. Z

    Xameliax #6 Pants, plants and lack of vision. Just blame it on the algorithm

    I've tried to create a new thread. Hope it worked - apologies if it didn't! Thanks to BlueJen80 for the title suggestion - and sorry to Sara_M, yours actually had the most votes but was a bit too long so I couldn't enter it!
  5. A

    Xameliax #5 self proclaimed overachiever, does she think that anyone really believes her?

    I think I've done this right... sorry if I haven't 🤣 Thanks to @Sara_M for the thread suggestion.
  6. Oohthedrama

    Xameliax #4 respect my boundaries for my protection, let me tell you bout my water infection!

    Slightly adjusted to make it fit (and to make it a bit more PC for google) Thanks to @Chocolatelover333 for the suggestion. continue here, that includes you Amelia 😉
  7. B

    xameliax #3 Begs for gifts, settled for Chris, no dress to afford for her fake business award.

    New thread! Slightly tweaked both title ideas put forward as they were both excellent ! Hope this is OK with everyone.
  8. Oohthedrama

    xameliax #2 Condescending rants, always snappy! It’s the perfect way to “protect my happy”

    Hey team!!! Adjusted slightly to make it fit better! Hope it’s ok to go with this. But remember like our queen, if you don’t like it I’m gonna pretend I don’t care! Then head to Instagram to do 83 stories about how MUCH I don’t care. Shut down my account, Have a strop, Beg for a holiday, Make...
  9. Q


    This woman gets paid to go on luxury holidays and yet has a begging bowl asking her subscribers to buy her a coffee or a glass of wine! She's also a professional moaner, is always ill and never stops going on about her UTIs. Does anyone remember when her hairdresser cut off about an inch from...