Terrie McEvoy #7 Changing the sheets, sharing #af deets, Daveh’s in bed, we won’t forget Repromed

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I had a section and decided to give BF a go so a similar situation to her. I literally cannot fathom how she is able to do everything she is doing. I saw the pose on her knees posing and thought wow recovery must be okay. My god! I can’t think of anything I would want to do less than that. And the clothes she is wearing, they have got to be super uncomfortable. I don’t really care how she feeds the baby but I have discovered that BF is very limiting, everything is worked around feeding. I’m only 10 days in and it’s the most unrealistic portrayal of life post baby and post section. I feel sorry for her really, the must be some financial or emotional reason for how she is portraying her life online. Or Maybe she is just that lucky to look and feel so great but I’d worry about vulnerable or impressionable people having their expectations set by Terrie and feeling inadequate when it doesn’t work out that way.


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She’s eventually going to announce that she is breastfeeding like some sort of hero even though it has to be combination feeding if she’s leaving her two week old! I had a section with my second & exclusively breastfed & it’s not possible to leave and why would you want to anyway!!! I feel sorry for her, it’s like she’s trying to prove something. She should forget about her covid guidelines with family visiting because she’s the biggest covid risk in Sydney’s life!


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I am far from a Mammy martyr but I think a 10 day old baby with no immune system needs her mother not to mingle in a packed event more than she needs a stupid candle with her name on it…..
How is Terrie the nurse not taking more precautions by cutting her contacts. We’re all being advised to do that never mind with a baby at home … I’m sorry but she deserves the criticism she’s getting, she’s being reckless with her child's health…


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You couldn’t have coaxed me away from any of my newborns for all the tea in China, to hang out with mere acquaintances.
The ADS - which are *mind boggling* in their sheer quantity, I somewhat understand (as the breadwinner) but getting glammed too go for a dinner with pretend friends.. madness. In Covid times when you have an adorable 13 day old baby at home, can’t fathom it.

I agree we don’t care how she feeds her baby but she is baiting it with the ‘few sips’ comments so of course people will speculate.


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I can’t understand how she left that beautiful little baby. She’s trying to keep people thinking she’s breastfeeding because it’s the “right thing” to do but we’ve all seen the bottle on Amy’s story. It doesn’t matter to me what she does but why say she’s having a few sips when she had a glass at home not ago too? Do they think people are stupid?🤦🏻‍♀️
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