Tanya/Natasha #10 Trasha clean your grout if Tan doesn’t get a ring Del’s in for a clout

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Tanya went OTT but her food looked edible!
unlike Trasha.

If she was kindly sent it then where is the #ad
Seems she makes out other stuff is sent for free but when it is she forgets to announce it....
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Doesn’t she go to the Chinese supermarket when she goes on her road trip to Ikea.



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Her captions are appalling, words spelt wrong, even her hashtags have spelling mistakes, no commas, words in the wrong order (breakfast earlier requested 🤔) and the bloody emojis everywhere 😤

Please can someone tell me how you have a girly swim? I have a pool at my house but have never said I’m going to a girly swim!!
She'll be telling us next that the water was wet
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