Rebecca Lamb #41 Homeschooling is a breeze, she left school with nothing more than 4 E’s

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She’s been posting on Beavers can tell it’s her by the wording...silly mare. It’s also painfully clear to see he adores and pays far more attention to that rust bucket of a car than he does bogtrotter...says everything really! Mind you, she does have something in common with the rust bucket...both got massive rear ends 🤣


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If it wasn't such an emotive topic I'd be laughing. I actually feel this is more disrespectful of her. She does not believe we need educating. She has jumped on another bandwagon just like the tragi c Caroline flack death to make herself seek more relatable. How dare you. If you don't care or don't understand nor have the desire to learn then please keep your mouth shut.

Tut tut tut... She's keeping up to date on here today isn't she.
How do you intend to educate your children on racism Rebecca?? Come on then give us some tips if you're so keen.


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She's said it all and made her opinion on the matter very clear by deleting the square. Then with a story that she thinks gets her out of it (copied from elsewhere, you can tell by the language used) and instead of posting an informative grid post on BLM which is what those calling for the square to be removed are asking for, (not just stories Rebecca, they go away) instead posts not one, but 4 fucking selfies, with a caption that has fuck all to do with the selfies themselves. I said earlier and I'll say it again, she is an absolute disgrace of a woman.


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Aw the kids got McDonald’s......

It really says a lot when I immediately thought - at least it’s better than the crap she’s been feeding them the for the last 2 months!!

because there might have been a gherkin on a burger, or a bit of lettuce that slipped into the box of nuggets (look away Candy you funny fuck, candy is my fav, sooo funny... 🙂)

chocolate pancake anyone? Alway need sugar after a healthy meal 😕


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Everything about her fucks me off, but one of the things that really grinds my gears is her reposting stories that these desperate nobodies put up saying how much they love her. It’s these twats that keep her massive head inflated. She is a narcissist, and a fucking waste of oxygen. Says it all when you call yourself a mummy blogger but most of your grid consists of pictures of you filtered to fuck with your disgusting tongue hanging out of your gob. Your kids are dressed in old shitty clothes that don’t fit, and they sleep on a mattress on the floor. get your head out of your fat arse and sort your life out you are a disgrace
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