Mrs Meldrum #70 The Selldrums new cash cow is Bertie the F1 cockapoo.

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If I was a breeder I'd want to meet and see how the children interacted with the puppy and definitely wouldn't be handing him over to buyers who don't have the basics like a harness for the car or dog bed.

Something seems very off about this puppy purchase. The people on the dog site that claim to be the siblings of the Meldrums dog look a lot smaller.
This. This is why people dislike her intensely.

What an incredibly ill-thought out “response”.

If she had anything about her, all it would take is something along lines of:

“Thank you for being concerned. But I’d really like to assure you that, Bertie’s arrival was fully thought through and planned for, and I’m absolutely following all the right advice from the Vet in regards to feeding/socialising/walking him and in regards to his welfare. Bertie is already a hugely loved member of our family but he’s a lucky lucky boy to have so many of you out there looking out for him too!”

IF any of that we’re true.

Instead she responds with her time-old bratty, nasty, pathetic, school-gurl attitude.



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Right I’ll say it - Bertie is not a cute puppy. I’m not jealous- it’s just the truth. He’s not a cute puppy and in a few weeks time he will be an average looking dog. Boring.

Oh and yeah - the ONLY thing Rebecca Meldrum & Karen Cannon care about is money. That’s all they think about - money. How much they have, how much they can get, how much they can spend and how much they can brag about it. Like Mother, like Daughter. Pathetic, vain, vacuous, self centred and utterly brain dead individuals.

I pity them.

His poor fake smile, Rebby forced you to post that Lee? I'm starting to feel quite sorry for Lee 😯

Don’t feel sorry for him, he’s a dickhead.


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I liked some of what she said - and unlike Reb, she is pretty credible but I just can’t stand them whinging about what people think of them and about sites like tattle when the job brings them so many positives. She was a dentist before so I’m guessing influencing pays quite well for her - and she doesn’t have to poke about at people’s abscesses now! 😄
She still works as a dentist i think 3 or 4 days a week.


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As if she’s not even bought him a bed! Couldn’t even be arsed to pop into a pet shop and get some basic supplies. I know she’s replying her catty remarks back to people she reckons are tattle bastards but how must she come across to her fans? I mean, there can’t be many left. Does she not realise people watch her stuff cause they’re nosey


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Love these comments. Jo Running is a legend
Shows how nasty her space really is. All these people jumping down the throat of someone who’s asking perfectly valid questions based on the misinformation Rebecca has fed us over the past 24 hours. All of them pretending that the know Rebecca, with the exception of her mother they don’t know Rebecca at all. It highlights everything that’s wrong with this so called influencer thing, and explains why so many sensible people have gravitated over to Tattle.
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