Mrs Meldrum #70 The Selldrums new cash cow is Bertie the F1 cockapoo.

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Once in the cat video and once in the video of her cath and lee doing the questions video where she said she hated them in the house and the mess they make. Her best friend said because you really don’t like animals 🤷‍♀️
Yes her and Kath both claimed to hate animals/mess/hair.

Surly the breeder gives you a bag of what the dogs currently getting fed.
The breeder did, the chum, but remember, this is Grabby, she’s on the cagde, after a dog food company ( Lily’s) to so so Kindly gift Bertie!


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Why is jealously the only word she can throw about......
Cause she has a brain like a tampax absorbing everything around it and let’s face it all that surrounds her is her family and friends telling her how wonderful she is and a world full of other cringe inducing instagrammers (modern day snake oil sellers) constantly screaming “your just a jealous troll” so it’s the easiest thing to thinks isn’t it Reb. I ain’t jealous one bit I’ve said it before I have lots of lovely material possessions 5 bed house, nice car, diamond rings, a Rolex etc but no what I don’t even wear those things because all that matters to me is that I have those I truly love around me and that they are healthy, safe and that we all love and respect one another and help each other out. When your brought up in an Italian household as I have been then it’s ALL about your family. Your a selfish little bitch but then she’s learned from the best ain’t she Kazza 😘
Instagram numbers say it all to me.

Yesterday: 12k+ likes and 526 comments

Today: circa 4000 likes and 170 comments (a good number of which are her more closeted followers arguing on her behalf)

Are followers working out she’s been a total twunt-womble in her desperate effort to get an Insta-puppy and bought him in a questionable fashion?

Don’t mess about with people and their genuine adoration for dogs. They wont be forgiving if she cocks this all up (even more than she’s already done...)
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