Mrs Hinch #89 flogging her eBay dress, but poor Ronnie bless ‘im isn't allowed to make mess

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I mean, yeah obviously. Maybe don't go after a woman you don't know who made a comment another woman you don't know didn't like, and publicly out her miscarriage? Then maybe don't expect some fake money grabbing bitch with noodle hair styled like a poodle to back you 🤷🏻‍♀️ Maybe expect that decent people will be on the side of the woman who literally did nothing but express an opinion that wasn't even that offensive. I mean, he does have a big head and that's ok.



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On the subject of Jamie accompanying her everywhere, I will just say - when my anxiety is very bad, my husband accompanies me out of the house. Else I'd never be able to leave it. Not saying that this is the issue with her, but just wanted to point out that sometimes there are situations where things like that are necessary, regardless of someone's age (I'm 35 tomorrow), whether they're a mother etc. We don't always know what's going on with someone. 🤷

Anyway, where were we? Herbs, fat Henry, nostrils...
Same here , I have to have somebody with me too .


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If Jamie is chaperoning her around because she’s ill then this illness has happened very quickly as only last Monday she was chauffeur driven into Gleam for the entire day alone and J stayed home babysitting.
It could be that she doesn’t feel confident going out on her own with Ronnie. I know friends who’d get anxious going out with their baby because they were scared of them crying in a shop then having people look at them.
it’s a shame if that’s the case and worse that there’s not much being done to build her confidence, having her mum or Jamie there constantly to deal with the ‘difficult’ bits is not going to do anyone any good.


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Doesn't mean she was alone though. I don't believe yesterday was an act at all. The women looks mentally unwell, she just does.
Yes she definitely does. Something is not quite right with her and I think it's always been that way, not necessarily PN related. My money would be on Borderline Personality Disorder, I'm just basing that on what I see at work etc. But she has all the markings of it. It's sad and a horrible disease to have, BUT I also think that she doesn't seem to do anything to help herself and really her family should be stepping in and removing her from Instagram. She's not stable enough for this. Plus, I also think she is generally just a narcissistic, money grabbing twat which is a totally separate thing to her mental health.


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New member here, but been lurking a couple of days. I followed Mrs Hinch for a while, curious about all the hype surrounding her and actually found her quite funny at first, but then she started to grate on me. Her 'die hards' made me cringe with their over the top adoration of her, and I noticed at Christmas how she would hint for freebies.."ooh, I think I need a Christmas tree for my landing"- and bob's your uncle, she's gifted with a bloody Balsam Hill tree two days later. The appalling bullying episode over the past few days has led to me unfollowing her and finding this forum..which has had me in stitches! You guyyyyzzzz are hilarious!
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