Mrs Hinch #89 flogging her eBay dress, but poor Ronnie bless ‘im isn't allowed to make mess

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New to the thread - I had never been on MrsHinch’s instagram until the other week. Years ago when everyone was raving about her I just thought ‘I’ve moved out of my Mum’s 10 years ago, been cleaning my own home for a decade, I defo don’t need tips on how to do housework’. Then I saw her on This Morning once and thought she is nothing like how I expected her to look. She looks like a page 3 girl so I was then even more sure I didn’t need any domestic advice off her (no offence to Galmour models, I just assumed she must be in it for the fame and not because she is a good cleaner). Ive used tattle to discuss other influencers and kept seeing her thread pop up so had a nose at her insta stories and I see the drawing in of the followers element (the real ones) by kind of making you feel motivated to do your housework but also defo see why she’s one of those love-to-hate people. So, as someone who hardly knows about her (apart from what Ive seen on her stories the last 3 weeks), where is she from? Where doe she live? What does her husband do? How old is she? How old is the glum looking baby? Lastly, who is Trace? Read a few posts mentioning her, is that her Mum?
From Essex, lives in the tiny village of Maldon. Husband was a salesman in London but is on a "career break" after birth of baby (he's almost 7 months)
She's 30 next month (we are all awaiting the #gifted birthday bash)

Trace is one of her friends who does her nails but hasn't been seen or mentioned for a long time.

Her mum is ma Barker

And now I believe I'm ready to write her biography


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I’d like to know what Stacey thinks about the whole Sophie setting her “army” on people thing, Stacey always seems to go on about disliking bullies and to speak out against them and rightly so, what that woman said the other day wasnt nice but it wasn’t disgusting but she didn’t directly message Hinch from what I’ve read on here about it, so Stace what do you really think about your bestie? 🙄


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It’s like the day of the triffids has arrived in her house with all those plastic, trailing plants crawling around everywhere.

Everything she does in life revolves around spending money, cleaning and boring everyone with her mundane crap. I unfollowed her yonks ago but have a peek now and again out of sheer bemusement!

She also needs her phone surgically removing from her hand.
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