MOD & FOD #26 Fodcliffe, it’s mee, I’m Clammie, I’ve come home, so cold, let me in you drafty Victorian window!

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I’m no doctor but that fucker doesn’t seem in any way sick! Plus if he was he’d get the fck off his bastard phone and Instagram! Yep that’s right, it was just content for the LOLz and the hunz. He’s defo looking for a CBeebies job 🤮
Omg is he telling his hunz he’s got covid-19?! I’m blocked 😅

Omg he's photoshopped himself into nature's picture frame 😂😂😂😂
God. Just when the cuntishness had reached its lowest level....


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What does it say on his jumper?

Had to have a break for mr twat as I can’t bear to see him telling me to stay in and bang, he’s done one tonight....makes me want to go out!
Me too. Shit just got very real in our lives. I can’t be doing with his frivolous drivel. Literally can’t face it or I’ll explode.

This has divorcee okcupid photo written all over it, think it’s the (needless?) smug/triumphant expression on his face.
He looks so old. Like he’s ageing by the minute. Badly.
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