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Completely off subject but how did you find it going from 2-3 kids?
There was only 18 months between my first 2. When I had my 3rd child 1 was 6 and the other 4. They never really clicked with him and still haven’t. What I found difficult is help for child care or baby sitting. Everyone would take 2 but not 3. 🙈 The middle one developed lots of issues but the doctor said it was middle child syndrome.🙄 He was showing a lot of autistic traits but I was offered no help. The hardest part was going on to be a single parent with a 8 year old, 6 year old 2 year old. Middle one got diabetes type 1 at ten and the youngest was severe ADHD. Throw that in the mix with a psycho dad & a Mam who had severe mental health. 🙈 It was extremely hard and not much support alas. Not sure if that helps. Xx


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Yep!!!! But mine thinks Sallies thread is loads funnier than this one 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sallies thread is great ,
I don’t no why but I recal being told once that Kate won’t deal with sal, both being local I recalled Sal getting her plastic face painted and she #add on the picture and then when a friend who has also done our sals face before said that she won’t go to Kate 🤷🏼‍♀️ More like late won’t have her either 😂🥴


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The poor lad’s face 😱. He’s devooed he ever got set up with this psycho. I know he’s done bad stuff with the brasses etc but he literally looks like he just cba. Massive, massive change from the honeymoon period.

Thread suggestion: #20 Kate: “I am Health Visitor”, Matty “I am trapped” #freedelo

Shit I know but hey worth a shot 😂

Are there any private school teachers or English grammar tutors on here? The only thing she won’t beg for private grammar lessons, so please if anyone could gift her lessons in how to type where she makes any sense. You could get a free course from the boss babe truffle loving momma 😂

Merchant Taylor’s writing the email to her PA as we speak
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