Jessontheplussize #11 Look at the roses all over me' gunt, I'm dirty and sweaty & a greedy

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I purposely didnt watch the sweaty videos yesterday and judging by these comments I'm glad.
Did anyone see the woman in the jess x its jumpsuit?
"As a 6 foot woman" and shes happy they fit length ways
Great for her... but that's the standard general length 😂
All clothes are on sale too, and STILL can't find the pink dress. And most things only available in 16 / 18


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Hope the person who requested a “Day in the Life of Jess” reel is prepared for it to be her naked in bed til 3pm then some KFC.
She said she gave up her job because people want to see a day in the life of her .. I can just imagine my OH's face if I told him I was giving up my job and responsibilities because Sharon in Runcorn wanted to see what I got up to all day. .... Doesn't really pay the bills does it 😂

Millie has clearly been sucked in to the fantasy too of this being their fortune maker ... Appearing today several times ... He hasn't been a (willing/happy) feature for a long time


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Why do people call people lazy if they get up later than 7/8am? It really baffles me.. she can sleep till when she wants that doesn’t make her lazy. I have a baby and on mat leave and I’m very lucky my son loves his sleep so some mornings we don’t wake up till 9.30, and I wouldn’t call me/us lazy!?
I would also say that 7am is incredibly early. Sorry everyone 🤷‍♀️ But I’m a might own and anything earlier than about 10 is a no from me👎
I would also say that 7am is incredibly early. Sorry everyone 🤷‍♀️ But I’m a might own and anything earlier than about 10 is a no from me👎
Yeah but this is the women who gets up at lunch time every day and lies and pretends she’s been up working. That’s the point we’re making. When she has to be up for 8am she acts like it’s 4 in the morning
All y’all sleeping last 6am need to stop bragging ✋
Hah yep after working three busy 12 hour sweaty days and getting up at 5:45. I’ve woken up at 6:15 am!🤦‍♀️😩

I don’t think there is anything wrong with a lie in at all. course it’s not lazy. But most people don’t do that every single day. Life gets in the way. Work, uni, kids etc stop a lot of us having lie ins every day. Is it relatable content to those watching? She needs a plan to do this full time.

In fact alot of influencers seem pretty lazy right now content wise. Probably due to the pandemic and lockdowns I guess when they couldn’t do much but mow have gotten into the habit.


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It’s not about the lie in. If you work, then yes by all means sleep until whenever. But she’s rotting in her bed till 3 pm and she’s got no valid reason why she should be. She’s not working, she does fuck all, all day.
she’s got all these chores, I don’t get it. It’s just me and my husband too and I don’t have piles of washing coming out of my ears. I clean a bit every day and my house looks neat and tidy. They are both pigs. They both don’t like cleaning, throw their shit everywhere on the sofas and kitchen table. Her house is a pig stye and i wouldn’t eat a crumb that comes out of her house. She would prob give me the shits if she fed me.
her content is incredibly boring. I only watch every other day now. Her stories exist of her saying, I woke 3 hrs ago, did admin, I got a zoom call, look at me poaching eggs, oh wow guys, I did a workout, look how I’m sweating. And then her in the kitchen acting like a prick dancing, pulling the weirdest faces and eating 1000’s of cal of either food or baked goods. Wtf are we even watching? What the fuck is this! Why would I want to see how someone else lives all day sitting at home on their fat backside when I go and work 37.5 hrs a week to pay for my bills.
I do hope that, the people who are influenced to buy something like a hair product or whatever she tries to flog, they buy without her links and discount codes.
she’s completely rubbed me the wrong way now she’s quit her job.
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