Jack Monroe #132 Leader of the Slopposition

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Her screenshot doesn't look real. As mentioned before, text should be white on blue, not black on blue. And if you look at the formatting, the pic and name do not appear centered as in her screenshot, and the twitter handle should be visible. 👀
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ETA: Unless it's different on an iPhone - I only have my desktop computer and an android phone so can't verify. iPhone fraus?
I've just checked on my iPhone (FORENSIC!) and the header/name appear the way it does on this screenshot. My text is white on blue, not black on blue though. I switched from dark to light mode on the phone to see if that made a difference, but it made everything black on white, except message text which remained white on blue. I'll fiddle around with Twitter settings to see if I can make it match, but it seems a little off.

Minky McMoneypenny

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oh my god, what is wrong with this absolute cunt of a woman
If I inflicted this 'game' on my 10yo, he'd be rightly justified in using some of his 'permitted swears' on me (he doesn't swear, but I've taught the kids that swearing does sometimes have a good place in language for either comedy value or angry emphasis). Funnily enough, we don't need flash cards to have interesting conversations - they come naturally as part of being curious about what they've been up to and what new skins are coming soon on Fortnite.


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Most of the A Girl Called Jack blog is unreadably dull takes on local Southend politics, but as I said, I'll post some of the notable stuff...

Here's a taste, a charming poem in which she describes herself as "a middle class voice" 😂



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What action other than ranting on Twitter has she done lately, but really? I remember publishing weird lard recipes in the Express (that she only wanted community groups to share as a link because she did not want to los out on pople clicking on sponsored links).

She presents everything other people actually do as her work (whether it is a company that sponsors her donating tins to a foodbank or MR getting stuff changed, or stealing the spotlight form actually poor people).


Satisfying Click

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Also having a look through the archives of her old blog. You can see the help she had with recipes when she was with Allegra - curries that didn't disintegrate into slop, gratins, breads, cakes etc. With Louisa not being able to cook, the bar to impress was set far lower and without a professional helping, we got slop, eggs, fish, fishy eggs, eggy fish


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I now have a short statement I would look to read. As a lifelong Labour Party supporter I was of course overjoyed to hear Jeremy Corbyn had been elected as party leader. Regrettably this happy event coincided with me suffering a complete mental breakdown which compelled me to publicly disparage Jeremy Corbyn throughout his entire time as Labour leader. Now that I have recovered from this most unfortunate malady I would like to offer Mr Corbyn the opportunity to work alongside me and I can only regret that my health prevented making this generous offer sooner. Thankyouverymarxmuchcomrades.
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