Harry and Meghan #3 Duke and Duchess of Narcissism!

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It’s their own fault for rushing their relationship. It was a whirlwind which gave her no time to prepare for what life in the royal family is like.

That’s why Chelsey wouldn’t marry him as she didn’t want that life.

Fergie and Andrew were another pair who rushed things and their marriage lasted 5 years.

Thing with MM is if the marriage breaks down she will just blame all the negativity she received and probably throw in the race card for good measure 🙄


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Ok, wealthy people can also have mental issue. I could feel sorry for them, but I'm not because MM et Harry don't get it.
1/ lots of high-profile public figures suffered from criticism, but they knew how to behave, they understood the time to say they felt sorry or to remain on the sideline (not just for 6 weeks).
2/ They are several facts (which are not gossips) which prove they were rude, disrespectful, dishonest. They have no clean hands. They dug their own grave...
3/ They keep complaining, whipping, crying. What about people who don't have the best therapist/support, spa/yoga class, private jets, who can't go on vacations when life doesn't make it easy?
They don't understand normal people struggle in every single aspect of their live which makes their complains inappropriate.
Just unbelievable and not acceptable!
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I think with Meh-gain/me-gain/whatever she was never that famous before, she was on a US cable show that most of us only slightly heard of.

Now she's under massive scrutiny because she's married into one of the most well known families in the world.
But the impression I got is that she WANTED to be famous. Everyone in the public eye gets criticised. Get over it....


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They don't want privacy, they just want no accountability for their spending/ behaviour and no actual responsibility except to pay lipservice and give sound bites on on-trend issues such as climate change. If they wanted privacy, they'd just disappear and not seek out any attention (good or bad press). They only seem to want good press, well I'm sorry but that only happens in dictatorships (such as when people in N. Korea have to suck up to Dear Leader).
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