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Jesus Christ brace yourself people..... old dippy Dora is about to take a scalpel to her face now..... having seen the damage she claims to have done with a flannel this could end up in complete disaster for the twit! 🤯🤦🏼‍♀️

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Also why “the no filter filter” god forbid you just for once don’t actually use a filter!
She’s obsessed with herself (and visiting the supermarket multiple times a week lol)
OMG she is once again filming herself talking actual shit! 💩😆
Story time again all about her ‘toilet anxiety’🙄 I’m sure she just loves to talk about this every so often as she claims to get so many responses and such support over it. Funny isn’t it that she claims it’s so bad, yet seems to spend half her life wandering around the supermarkets.... it wouldn’t surprise me if she’s f’ed her bowels by taking some form of laxative or slender tea to keep up those losses on the scales.......
Unnatural amounts of weight loss, skin sores/ problems, bowel issues........ 🤔


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It does seem strange, not heard of this condition before either. I too wondered if it was to do with laxatives. Guess we now know why she’s so skinny... she’s poo-ing all the time!
It is a condition a relative of mine has it. It affects her going places etc from the anxiety which comes with it


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I’m not saying I have serious anxiety about it but if I think I’m not going to be able use a bathroom it does make me worry a bit, so I kinda get it. I’m not about to do 20 stories on it though!


I didn’t quite catch what she said, is her issue going to the loo whilst out and about?? Maybe connected to her unusual eating,she seems very restrictive for an already slim girl.
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