BrummyMummy #18 Some are contagious, some are dying but BM, she just keeps on buying!

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God these tiktok things, I know nothing about it, are getting worse by the day. Maybe they wouldn't be so bad if it were someone half her age doing them, i assumed that was who tiktok was aimed at but like I said not a clue. Imagine how cringey they will be by the end of all this!!!!! And she really does need to remember her lies before jumping on a trampeline, sliding down the stairs, hitching her leg up on the kitchen side, the list goes on.......


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Anyone notice in her TikTok video that as soon as Ethan walks in front of her she quickly moves to the side. No one cuts Babs out of the frame.

Also to anyone who doesn’t use TikTok ... all of her videos are old trends that thousands of other people have done before and done better. She has zero creativity skills
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She’s went from being a fairly relatable mum to now being almost this character that she’s created based on how she things mums are. Every post is so over the top now and nothing actually seems real anymore.
She also seems very manic which has only been highlighted from her recent til tok obsession. I swear she never used to be like this.
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