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  1. LetMeRamble

    Tom Hiddleston #10 Blue is the new black

    Continuation Tom Hiddleston #9 Return of the Grey Boots Diaries
  2. db131

    Tom Hiddleston #9 Return of the Grey Boots Diaries Last time on Tom Watch- old uniform, new suits, new skin, confirmed engagement, mystery bracelet, sometimes a serpent is just a serpent… @clara131brown thanks for the thread name!
  3. LetMeRamble

    Tom Hiddleston #8 Fifty shades of blue

    Moving along from Tom Hiddleston #7 -
  4. db131

    Tom Hiddleston #7 The re-emergence of Tom W. Hiddleston, the blue fascination

    Previously on Tom Watch- HE HAS CRAWLED OUT OF THE HOLE AND OWNS OTHER CLOTHES! Awards shows, UNICEF benefits, supporting his buddies in theater. Coming up- Josh Horowitz interview, hopefully some more end of the year events, maybe some TES promo! We have many different viewpoints but we can...
  5. LetMeRamble

    Tom Hiddleston #6 The truth about Thomas W. Hiddleston

    Do you know the truth? Where the mole man hides? What's the secret behind those piercing blue eyes? All that an more, this thread
  6. C

    Tom Hiddleston #5 The Red Sweater Diaries

    In a nutshell...,,,,, blue sweaters, suits, Essex Serpent, Cheeky smile, cookies, coffee, dog walking, TNM, Bond, ....,,. and we chatted about a whole lot more.,,,,,
  7. C

    Tom Hiddleston #4

    Red Shirts..... Coffee cups..... Unstoppable (No I'm not saying it!!!)......New Projects...... great debates and lots of laughs......
  8. C

    Tom Hiddleston #3

    Welcome All to Part 3! Recap: Red shirt, coffee cups and lots of pictures ☺️
  9. C

    Tom Hiddleston #2

    Part 2!!
  10. Sideboard Bob

    Tom Hiddleston

    So... any tea? 🤣 (feel free to search his name in the “Secret Celebrity Gossip“ threads for the story so far!)