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    TMPK The Meal Prep King #3 Here we go again.

    Unable to find a thread title suggestion, the last one moved fast at the end, sorry all. Can someone thread recap?
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    TMPK The Meal Prep King #2 The Meal Prep King Is In A Huffy Cause He’s Scruffy

    The second thread title winner was suggested by @AliceWondersxo A set of overly engineered and expensive glass meal prep containers for our winner. Arriving in the TMPK amazon shop to collect on the 12th of never 😂 TMPK also known as TMDK (the melt down king) has shown himself to be (and...
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    TMPK - The Meal Prep King

    I’ve followed John from the start but this last weekend he has lost it. Insulting everyone from his ex girlfriend Charlotte, calling her fat and lazy. Insulting nurses, single mother’s and anyone who does a 9-5 job as nobody matches him…..Mr Perfect. Single Mothers are lazy and probably have...
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