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  1. GreaseSpot

    TMPK #10 TMPK rebrand - Tiresome, Morose, Pretentious, Knucklehead

    Thread title is from @Chiefcook&bottlewasher You win a respite from the thread to ease the tedium of TMPK's own unique brand of boring monotony - a boring beginning. Sales sales sales. - plenty of boring whinging about proving his identity for the mortgage. Get over it John and welcome to the...
  2. GreaseSpot

    TMPK #9 The app's a flop that's got to sting. Don't you know he's the meal prep king!

    Thread title is from @Hereforastalk You win a set of glass meal prep containers (best money can buy apparently) that we found knocking about (fed up of tripping over on the floor because we didn't put it away). This offer can and absolutely will be withdrawn at any time. In fact by the time...
  3. GreaseSpot

    TMPK #8 Sian came for a 3 day stay but John the con made her run away

    Thread title is from @Mabels1986 You win a year's subscription to the untested app (at the time of writing its unclear what it's worth because his pricing structure can only be described as 'chaotic and made up') and a crap planner you'll need a wheel barrow to carry around. Thread summary...
  4. GreaseSpot

    TMPK #7 He’s lazy, he lies and thick as a plank. Nothing left in his life but a dog named Frank

    He’s lazy, he lies and thick as a plank. Nothing left in his life but a dog named Frank Thread title is from @ghostriderhere You win a kebab and a cold shower. Make sure to shout at us about how 'amaaaazin' they were. Thread summary. - Back from his NC500 trip and immediately abandoned his...
  5. GreaseSpot

    TMPK #6 TMPK still rotten to the core. Shame his content is such a bore

    Thread title is from @rabbitinheadlights You win a giant kebab: the type they have in a kebab shop. Whilst you eat it, remember to kid on about your weightloss and near perfect motivation whilst telling us words can't do it justice. Thread summary. Repetitive sales and marketing stories on the...
  6. GreaseSpot

    TMPK #5 John the meal prep con

    Thread title is a joint effort. Suggestions from @g15maa @itsmellsinhere and @haxlerl to complete it. You all win a set of TMP🤡 glass containers with a lifetime guarantee and don't forget to celebrate by having two tubs of ice cream for breakfast 🍦🍧 Thread summary. I don't need to labour here...
  7. GreaseSpot

    TMPK #4 April fool

    New thread time. Thanks to @haxlerl for the inspired post about the April fool.
  8. GreaseSpot

    TMPK The Meal Prep King #3 Here we go again.

    Unable to find a thread title suggestion, the last one moved fast at the end, sorry all. Can someone thread recap?
  9. GreaseSpot

    TMPK The Meal Prep King #2 The Meal Prep King Is In A Huffy Cause He’s Scruffy

    The second thread title winner was suggested by @AliceWondersxo A set of overly engineered and expensive glass meal prep containers for our winner. Arriving in the TMPK amazon shop to collect on the 12th of never 😂 TMPK also known as TMDK (the melt down king) has shown himself to be (and...
  10. L

    TMPK - The Meal Prep King

    I’ve followed John from the start but this last weekend he has lost it. Insulting everyone from his ex girlfriend Charlotte, calling her fat and lazy. Insulting nurses, single mother’s and anyone who does a 9-5 job as nobody matches him…..Mr Perfect. Single Mothers are lazy and probably have...