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    Thismummystory #7 Living off weetabix, solo parenting in the mix. Needed to hear this, 3 of my kids dont exist

    My thread suggestion got the most votes, had to reduce slightly. What a busy thread! - After weeks of speculation, George finally announced Rodge had gone - Using the ‘solo parenting’ as new content to break up the same old repetitive sleep shit - Does not eat anything other than weetabix...
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    Thismummystory #6 Coco is still a brat and Rodge has left the chat

    Thanks to @soozie for the thread name suggestion with the most votes. You win a weetabix cheesecake Thread number 6 guys! It seems more of us have realised George is the opposite of Mum of the Year and are fed up with her shit parenting that she is adamant is the only way Anyone care to recap...
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    Thismummystory #5 my husband’s, my toddler’s stuck to my tit, i hate most of my kids but I'll never admit

    Thanks to @Corona for the new thread title with the most likes - my husband's shit, my toddler's stuck to my tit, i hate (almost) all my kids but I'll never admit. Had to slightly amend as too long. (No BF shaming, just the sheer amount George moans about it) Anyone care to recap? Basically...
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    Thismummystory #4 Didn’t notice Coco fell, but at least there’s a heart on the babybel

    Thanks to @youareannoying for the thread title with the most likes. A pointless lunchbox plastic leaf is on its way to you 🍃 The last thread picked up pace quite a bit thanks to new members joining but also George’s ability to be a completely unrelatable mother, which knows no bounds, much...
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    Thismummystory #3 Spending Sprees, Kids Always on Screens, Bad Parenting Advice Guaranteed

    Welcome to thread Number 3! Thanks to @Corona for the thread title suggestion with the most likes. You win a portion of George’s famous “Mac n Cheez” I’m using @Alexlilz’s summary of George as a recap for new followers: She hates: weekends, weekdays, going out with them, staying in, that...
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    ThisMummyStory #2 Reels and reels of what not to do, no one cares about Coco doing a poo

    Thanks to @thegirlwho2020 for the thread name. Thread #2! recap for anyone new: George has 4 kids, but you wouldn’t know that as she is most pleased she FINALLY got her baby girl last year and so doesn’t talk about the other kids. Except to complain to her toddlers face how annoying he is...
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