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  1. Iwantallthetea

    The DIS Unplugged #11 We're still exactly the same. Maybe worse, actually

    Welcome to our new thread. Thread title courtesy of @TheNextStacey ... Congrats!! (It was actually a tie between this one and one suggested by @invisobelt, but this thread title came up first in the "most liked posts" search.) Old thread here...
  2. TheNextStacey

    The DIS Unplugged #10 We’re Not Happy to be Here

    Here’s our new thread! Note: The name of their YouTube channel was changed in Oct 2023 to The Dis Unlimited. Same people, minus Pete, same dull content. Does anyone have time to recap the last few months? Thanks to @glitteringgrogu for the winning thread title! Previous thread is here...
  3. TheNextStacey

    The Dis Unplugged #9 Tigger King

    Time for a new thread! Thanks to @cavamom for the most liked new thread title! Feel free to recap or hit the pink button to read the Wiki for updates and story summaries. Cheers! Previous thread is here:
  4. ilovegrapes75

    The DIS Unplugged #8

    New thread Here's is the Wiki for anyone who needs a refresher.
  5. ilovegrapes75

    The DIS Unplugged #7 Congrats Pete on having great Chinese food

    Time for a new one friends! Feel free to recap the madness. Dustin's original story Sean's first post
  6. Jafar

    The Dis Unplugged #5 Stay Out of the Damn Employees

    By popular demand congrats to Ahoyhoy We left off with Mando graciously providing his experiences and acting as the liaison for Dustin who's account is awaiting approval
  7. Cocobean9

    The DisUnplugged #4 They tried to make Pete go to rehab, but he said I need my phone!

    Congratulations to RealBobChapek for the thread title: I'm sure there's someone better to do a recap of the sinking ship but here's a short recap: Pete is off to preventive rehab but we've yet to learn if he gave up his phone in order to be admitted Panda's been MIA lately Same old, same old...
  8. RJ130613

    The DisUnplugged #3 Cruising on Fumes by nightmaresunlimitedtravel

    Thanks @Cocobean9 for the thread title suggestion! Just finished the most recent Tuesday video, Thank god Julie was there, someone with a personality but that shirt pete was wearing :sick: :sick: :sick:
  9. Southpaw33

    The Dis Unplugged #2 What a Fiasco!!!

    Starting this thread, but I am probably not the best person to recap the old one. Anyone want to give it a shot? Congrats @Murray9000 on the winning thread title! 😁
  10. Oohthedrama

    The DIS Unplugged Pete Warner. Not so rave thread.

    Does anyone watch this lot? I’m sticking it in rave despite the fact I think Pete is a lil b*tch 😂 before we head into the gossip about people who have left and why, does anyone watch them? I think they’re gonna struggle now with Disney/Disney cruise line shutting down.