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  1. calmyourritas

    The Circle #13 Rita and Mitchell sitting in the tree t-e-x-t-i-n-g

    Thankyou to @nolongerlurking for the thread title 😏😏😏 The series may be over but the after party reunion show is dropping on Friday! ❤️ Recommendations for shows we can watch next together welcome. And remember... #BeKind #ThinkB4UPost #ShabazIsWatching
  2. calmyourritas

    The Circle #12 Make me believe like Cher girl

    Continue here! Let’s go episode 8! 🤍🤍 How many shots of topless Mitchell will we get today? (I am not complaining)
  3. calmyourritas

    The Circle #11 It’s gonna be MAY

    Geezer gals and gladiators cannot believe we are on thread 11!! 4 episodes of the US Circle dropping on Netflix every week. We are watching together at 9pm on Wednesday, Thursdays, Fridays and Mondays. Next episode will be episode 4 on Monday 😊 join us if you can or just catch up later if you...
  4. calmyourritas

    The Circle #10

    Thread title by @What’s the craic Jack (sorry I cannot tag you) Good morning my geezer gals and gladiators! What a night! I’m still high from the adrenaline. For those interested, we are planning on watching The Circle US together from next week LIVE. 9pm seems to be the general consensus(?)...
  5. calmyourritas

    The Circle #9 Geezer Gal’s geezer is a gal

    GO GO GO!!! Thread title from @MrsWolf 💖
  6. calmyourritas

    The Circle #8 Fisty bumps in the finale... Things are about to get SPICY

    Hello my geezer gals and guys it is FINALE night... WHAAAAT THE BLOODY. We have come so far and the end is near 💖 Also a very special happy birthday to our @Monkeybum 🥳 Drinks menu for tonight, courtesy of @Hipbones - SNAKE bite and black - White Russians (in honour of our queen Natalya) -...
  7. calmyourritas

    The Circle #7 Circle message, big letters, IT’S ALMOST THE FINAL! Smiley emoji, send

    Let’s go!!!! Previous thread
  8. calmyourritas

    The Circle #6 What the bloody?!

    Previous thread LETS GOOOO GEEZER GALS
  9. calmyourritas

    The Circle UK #4 I was on gladiators

    Previous thread here LET’S GO GEEZER GALS
  10. calmyourritas

    The Circle UK #3 Geezer Gals Unite

    New thread! Show not back on until Monday 😔😔 Please note there is a queue to join the Hashu fan club 😍 Link to previous thread -
  11. calmyourritas

    The Circle UK #2

    Circle message Carry on here guys!!! Smiley face emoji Send Mod edit: previous thread
  12. Naysayer

    The Circle and The Celebrity Circle 2021

    Anyone going to watch this? I watched it last year and got totally hooked. Nobody I knew watched it so I had noone to discuss it with. I've seen that Zoe Balls lad is going on it plus a few other interesting types. Hoping it's as good as last year's...also hoping that somebody else watches it...