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  1. RJF

    Sims YouTubers #3 Sydney Macoretta, Pixelade, Kelsey Impicciche, EnglishSimmer etc

    I thought I’d mix it up with the Simmers in the title. Maybe this will attract new Tattlers.
  2. RJF

    Sims YouTubers #2 (lilsimsie, Plumbella, James Turner, Deligracy etc)

    I screenshotted this the other day. I honestly think this post was purely for attention from the sycophantic “luv urself bestie xoxox” crew. Missing “a couple” of uploads means that she has uploaded five videos over the course of seven days. That’s fine? And I’m sure that she has missed days...
  3. RJF

    Sims YouTubers (lilsimsie, Plumbella, James Turner, Deligracy etc)

    I’ve created a new thread for Simfluencers to keep the Sims thread to discussions about the game. I’ve rapidly gone off Plumbella but I can’t help but feel sorry for her. There’s the same cycle every three months. - She makes content at a rapid speed and talks about how wonderful her mental...
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