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  1. J

    Jasper & Nic Gray

    Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on these two.
  2. PhannyPhart

    Scottish TikTok Spa #6 Charity begins at home & ends there as well with these bams involved

    Here's the new thread for all the broo monkeys
  3. Lrkn27

    Scottish Tiktok Spa #5 Big DenRen's Oot! The Pie Ship Sails Lighter On The Seas

    Well done to @beebee789 for the thread title! What a week it has been! Lightened the load on our ship by making big Den Ren walk the plank of Tayto shame & put her back in her natural habitat in the sea šŸ³ We have our very own Tanya Turner aboard the ship in the form of @Cass_25 Tayto Wag...
  4. beebee789

    Scottish Tiktok Spa #4 The Unofficial Tracy Hunter Fanclub

    Welcome back to the Spa, where i'd like to remind you all of the only true Icon that Scottish Tiktok has ever produced. Tracy Hunter/Short/Watson/Balboa This is a woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty whilst getting it. Tracy just had her longtime neighbour...
  5. DeeDeeMcFarlaneXXX

    Scottish Tiktok Spa #3 How is this app free?!

    As you were, ladies x
  6. beebee789

    Scottish Tiktok Spa #2 Now Sponsored by The Pie Ship

    Welcome back to the Spa, where we offer exclusive beauty treatments alongside lobotomies and repeat head injuries in order to cleanse you of the stains left by Scottish Tiktok. The Pie Ship has docked and is officially sponsoring our next collective breakdown. All aboard.
  7. Alansbigplate

    Scottish Tiktok Spa for part-time bams

    Hiya just starting a little off-shoot chat thread for folk from the multitude of Scottish tiktok threads @beebee789 @Rolandtherat @Cass_25 @Bella2920 @evie1975 @Muchbee please tag others
  8. X

    Scottish Tiktok #2

    As you were šŸ–¤
  9. L

    Scottish Tiktok

    Anyone got any Scottish tiktokers they like? I like watching JulieMollyBella and Rosie Also does anyone know why zander_lacey always deletes all there videos, starts again and then deletes them again?!