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  1. Gl1tt3rUn1c0rn

    Nanna Bea #7 Minging food and an old sky box. Will she chuck out those honking socks?

    Thread suggestion with the most votes came from @shakenshake Congratulations you win a Tupperware container of unidentified slop fresh from Bev’s freezer.
  2. Gl1tt3rUn1c0rn

    Nanna Bea #6 Thick as Halal mince

    Thread suggestion with the most votes at time of creation came from @halcyondays85
  3. Babybail93

    Nanna Bea #5 Ding Dang Do One You Nasty Old Trout!

    Thanks to @Gloria Rostron with this new thread title with the most likes
  4. M

    Nanna Bea #5 The rude old trout that can’t cook owt!

    Welcome to thread number 5! 🤣 Credit to @misssyhill for the title :) As we were....
  5. Babybail93

    Nanna Bea #4 Poisonous Old Lady

    New thread guys. We didn’t have any suggestions on the last so I just put exactly what she is.
  6. Babybail93

    Nanna Bea #2 Mediocre meals & gravy stained tops, wall papering at 8 cause Nana never stops

    Thanks to @ownitbabs with the winning thread title. Nana is on thread number two already! She’ll be creaming her Tena!
  7. T

    Nanna Bea

    Does anyone follow her? I really liked her at first, plating her dinners up etc. But now I feel she’s too try hard, and very arrogant in her replies. I’ve really gone off her!
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