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Luisa Christina Zissman (born Louisa Christina Kalozois; 4 June 1987) is an English retail entrepreneur and reality television personality. She was the runner-up on the ninth series of The Apprentice and finished fourth on Celebrity Big Brother 13. She later became a presenter and regular panellist on Big Brother’s Bit on the Side. Zissman is also one half of podcast LuAnna: The Podcast with Anna Williamson.

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  1. N

    Luisa Zissman #7 thin as a rake, PT’s a fake, only loves Andrew for what she can take

    New thread created congrats @bitterangel on the new thread title 👏👏
  2. M

    Luisa Zissman #6

    As there were no suggestions in the last thread I have left it as number 6
  3. kev1974

    Luisa Zissman #5 Filters Glitching, moaning about Tattle witching

    Thanks and congratulations to @angelblueface for the new thread title in this post here: Continuing from thread #4 here...
  4. C

    Luisa Zissman #4 She’s done well for someone who had a one night stand with Dappy

    Sorry I couldn’t see a top thread name suggestion so I took one of the shorter, most liked comments. credit to @Lalalalaaaaaa85
  5. kev1974

    Luisa Zissman #3 Insta ads coming thick and fast, now nobody even listens to the podcast

    Thanks to @Burgh Gal for the new thread title! Had to abridge it slightly to make it fit but the gist is still there! Carrying on from here
  6. S

    Luisa Zissman #2 Money can't buy style/class. She’s nothing but a Chav with (married) cash

    New thread title thanks to @bbb333 :) Had to shorten to fit, but original read as "Luisa you’re plastic and not so fantastic. No amount of money will buy you style or class. She’s nothing but a Chav with (married) cash" Previous thread:-...
  7. Yel

    Luisa Zissman

    She's spreading lies about tattle, mrs hinch's crocodile tears (to sell a book) were not about this site but a troll message that was universally condemned on tattle 🤦‍♀️