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Lucy Mecklenburgh (born 24 August 1991) is an English television personality, model and businesswoman, known for her appearances in the ITV2 reality series The Only Way Is Essex, from 2010 to 2013. She later appeared in Tumble and Tour de Celeb.

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  1. F

    Lucy Mecklenburgh #7 Lucy's begging for freebies like a top-class dosser, Ryan's in Paris wearing a cap

    Thread title by @e.l.lofthouse - good work! Nothing to recap really; Lucy is still a massive bore and on the look out for freebies galore whilst Ryan still frequently forgets that he lives with Lucy and their children and disappears back to Manchester/on holiday/anywhere but Essex. Normally...
  2. Lilykins

    Lucy Mecklenburgh #6 Lies about her perfect life, oh so smug; fellas not interested, you look like a mug

    Thought as we were well into Page 54 we best start a new thread. Thanks to @Allmyownopinion for the great thread title, I had to shorten it to get it to fit. Not many suggestions but it had 24 likes so i thought it was a winner. Roman is no longer the only royal on the block, Lilah has been...
  3. quinzel

    Lucy Mecklenburgh #5 Another baby for the 'gram, will it hide the fact her relationship's a scam?

    New thread, title by little ol' me with 15 votes :D I am no good at recaps but I'll give it a go - Did you know Lucy's pregnant? Roman is still The King Lucy's on the beg for freebies for her next spawn even though she had TONNES of gifted stuff for King Roman she could have used. Still in a...
  4. Yel

    Lucy Mecklenburgh #4

    New thread :)
  5. Eyeofthetiger

    Lucy Mecklenburgh #3 Bfing bore moans up all night, famous for sleeping with Mark Wright

    Another thread for the only person to ever breastfeed ever, still claiming she put on 4 stone and then lives on takeaways but dropped all the weight with her companies super quick, super easy workouts Well done @Kermitsbuisness - Breastfeeding bore moans she’s up all night, she’s only famous...
  6. Eyeofthetiger

    Lucy Mecklenburgh #2 Loads of ads and freebies galore but there’s no hiding Ryan’s a bore

    Thread title from @Hettyfeather ! we got to Lucy asking medical advice for the baby on her insta When she has to do an ad for sleep consultant Roman sleeps amazing, and when an ad isn’t due he sleeps badly and she can’t even get dressed Ryan is general cringe, fancying his SIL
  7. J

    Lucy Mecklenburgh

    I anyone else getting sick of the videos everyday showing her bump whatever she maybe doing? She could be in the middle of shopping in M&S and picking up a pint of milk and video it and also rub her bump in it. Don't get me wrong it is amazing she is pregnant but do we need a video every couple...