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  1. D

    Louise Cooney #10 She still hasn’t a cloo

    New thread for boring Lou! Her threads are going so slow now as she is so dull, but Will she get the rock on her finger by the time this thread is finished?!
  2. Miss_cici

    Louise Cooney #9 Wearing white, flogging, nothing to do I’ll sell some Cloo

    Thread title thanks to @MiamooMoo
  3. dee_mc

    Louise Cooney #8 Makes expensive clothes look cheap, in exotic locations sends us to sleep

    New thread for Clooless Lou Anyone want to attempt a recap of thread #7?
  4. dee_mc

    Louise Cooney #7 The Cloo cropped jacket didn't make the trip: instead moonboots were worn in the rocks

    Credit to @boarddotie for new thread title with 19 votes Anyone want to attempt a recap of the last thread?
  5. dee_mc

    Louise Cooney #6 Clooless Cooney: Christmas-obsessed, but it Feels Like Summer

    New thread for Clooless Lou
  6. D

    Louise Cooney # 5 Cloo-less Cooney launches brand, and in true form it is bland.

    Credit to @boarddotie for the title suggestion, had to amend to fit, full suggestion wAs: Cooper and Meg are gone. The working week is too long. Waiting for the project and boyfriend reveal. We don't get the appeal.
  7. A

    Louise Cooney #4 Lackey today... Meg-gone tomorrow?

    No suggestions and we needed one fast 🤙🏻
  8. L

    Louise Cooney #3 The adventures of Louise, Lidl Louise & Lou's secret squeeze

    Recap: Louise posting cringe reels on the gram and definitely accidentally on purpose dropping hints of a new man.
  9. J

    Louise Cooney #2

    Hi guys couldn't see a thread title suggestion and couldn't think of one myself. Hope this is ok ! Can someone provide a recap ?
  10. J

    Louise Cooney

    the run down. Limerick girl, moved to New York to pursue her dream of becoming an influencer. 😐 posted some photos, posted some more photos, brought her dog from Ireland to NY and made him live in a tiny little box apartment alone, where the dog was clearly depressed as fuck. Covid struck and...