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  1. screenfreelookatme

    Leigh Campbell #8 Closing account to protect her health, how will she spam links & brag about her wealth?

    Thread number 8 for Australia’s premier binfluencer Leigh Campbell. Congrats to @exflighty for the winning thread title! It was sahhh chiiiiic, but unfortunately I’ve had to hack it up a bit to fit. Sorry 😘 Might keep a tally of how many nights away Leigh has before we finish the thread. Poor...
  2. lifeispeachy

    Leigh Campbell #7 Bones stickin out, wrinkly pout, gunkle's outdoor shower, avoids her kid by the hour

    Combination of titles by @entitledtoeverything, @Newhere2 and @satellites (due to word limit!!!
  3. lifeispeachy

    Leigh Campbell #6 Weekends away, affiliate link pay, passive aggressive way, she’s a tyre expert, ok!?

    Title by @entitledtoeverything; also a prominent personality trait of everyones favourite binfluencer Full title: weekends away, affiliate links that pay, passive aggressive is my way, I’m a tyre expert…okay?’
  4. lifeispeachy

    Leigh Campbell #4 Affiliate links, daytime drinks, morning sex kinks, motherhood stinks

    The problematic uneducated humble brager gets worse by the day. Let us continue our analysis…
  5. lifeispeachy

    Leigh Campbell #3 Semi gifted hotel stays, big time binfluencer for days

    The queen of garbage
  6. lifeispeachy

    Leigh Campbell #2

    Round 2, ding ding ding
  7. lifeispeachy

    Leigh Campbell

    Following on from the Amy Gerard thread, Leigh has be honored with a thread of her own! No doubt she will think it’s an achievement 😂