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  1. lifeispeachy

    Leigh Campbell #10 Leigha really shoulda caught the bus, but she was busy grifting & NOT working for us

    Title thanks to @All Beige Everything 10 threads in and no chance of our Leigha slowing down on the grifted food, bins and activewear
  2. lifeispeachy

    Amy & Co #4 Alcoholic Amy, Beige Brooke, Kriminal Kristen, Joyless Jade, Loser Leigh

    The Sydney wannabes back for round 4…. Including but not limited to; “Alcoholic Antiquated” Amy Gerard “Boring Beige” Brooke Spain (An Organized Apartment) “Klingy Kriminal” Kristin Fisher (Eyebrows) “Joyless Jaded” Jade Cottee “Lazy Loser” Leigh Campbell Link to her own thread >...
  3. lifeispeachy

    Leigh Campbell #9 Affi-Leigh-ate link queen so frail and skinny, Gunc loves when she wears a leather mini

    Title thanks to @SmallDickEnergy Leigha taking us into 2024 with more affiliate links to the most random shit (car bins, tyres, banana bags), her 4yo constantly in daycare while she builds her floordrobe of crumpled clothes, and begs for free hotel stays with her below average intellect 👀
  4. screenfreelookatme

    Leigh Campbell #8 Closing account to protect her health, how will she spam links & brag about her wealth?

    Thread number 8 for Australia’s premier binfluencer Leigh Campbell. Congrats to @exflighty for the winning thread title! It was sahhh chiiiiic, but unfortunately I’ve had to hack it up a bit to fit. Sorry 😘 Might keep a tally of how many nights away Leigh has before we finish the thread. Poor...
  5. lifeispeachy

    Leigh Campbell #7 Bones stickin out, wrinkly pout, gunkle's outdoor shower, avoids her kid by the hour

    Combination of titles by @entitledtoeverything, @Newhere2 and @satellites (due to word limit!!!
  6. lifeispeachy

    Leigh Campbell #6 Weekends away, affiliate link pay, passive aggressive way, she’s a tyre expert, ok!?

    Title by @entitledtoeverything; also a prominent personality trait of everyones favourite binfluencer Full title: weekends away, affiliate links that pay, passive aggressive is my way, I’m a tyre expert…okay?’
  7. lifeispeachy

    Leigh Campbell #4 Affiliate links, daytime drinks, morning sex kinks, motherhood stinks

    The problematic uneducated humble brager gets worse by the day. Let us continue our analysis…
  8. lifeispeachy

    Leigh Campbell #3 Semi gifted hotel stays, big time binfluencer for days

    The queen of garbage
  9. lifeispeachy

    Leigh Campbell #2

    Round 2, ding ding ding
  10. lifeispeachy

    Leigh Campbell

    Following on from the Amy Gerard thread, Leigh has be honored with a thread of her own! No doubt she will think it’s an achievement 😂