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  1. My2pWorth

    Lawrencetiktok90 #5 No weight lost in 6 months. Too famous to work. An utter cretin of a boy.

    Thank you to @bobbybanger for the thread suggestion 👏 Quick recap... 🍎Views are down, hate comments are up. 🍐On a diet, off a diet. Will weigh Monday, will weigh next month. 🥦 Late night/early mornings on Live to beg the gifts off the Americans. 🍒 His mum is constantly at Bingo 🍊 Poor patch...
  2. mumz

    Lawrencetiktok90 #4 No job no home, TikTok career going out the door, even Tattle find him a bore

    Title courtesy of Tryger 88 Lawrence had a huge following His account seems to be dwindling a bit Bit of drama with guys and braces and mugs Loves a bit of bling Whole family have TT accounts too Keeps saying he will get a job Keeps saying he is still losing weight Only follows gifters Seems to...
  3. CoconotLoco

    Lawrencetiktok90 #3

    New thread could not see a new one, hope it’s okay?
  4. Neo2021

    Lawrencetiktok90 #2

    To be continued.. Would someone like to do a recap? I wasn’t paying attention to the last thread, sorry
  5. CoconotLoco


    What do people think of this guy? Got over 2 million followers, mostly known for his weigh-loss journey.
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