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  1. EmzyEmzy

    LawrenceTikTok90 #2 Lawrence is all about dinnah but isn’t getting any thinnah

    New thread for Lawrence. Thanks to Hereforthecomments2019 for the title 🙂
  2. B

    Lawrence Tik Tok - Olympic Swimming but absolutely no Slimming

    Fatty is alone again as James has left him. He got rid of all his birds (suspicion they were left alone to die) dogs have been at his mums since the break up as he is scared the gypsys are coming to take pickles. 3 million followers. 200 folk roughly in a live - you know what that means.
  3. T

    Lawrencetiktok90 #7 How to gain weight in 3 easy words Trying new things! He's so absurd

    Thanks to @Fruitshoot for the title with most votes. The latest... James was upset on a live with a huge bruise/bite mark, claims dog bit him then went on to say police was at the door before ending the live, he's been MIA ever since and any comments about him have been totally ignored by...
  4. Mrskane29

    Lawrencetiktok90 #6 I vow to Control, Eat and Beg 24/7 until Mugs do us part!

    Winning suggestion by My2pWorth!
  5. My2pWorth

    Lawrencetiktok90 #5 No weight lost in 6 months. Too famous to work. An utter cretin of a boy.

    Thank you to @bobbybanger for the thread suggestion 👏 Quick recap... 🍎Views are down, hate comments are up. 🍐On a diet, off a diet. Will weigh Monday, will weigh next month. 🥦 Late night/early mornings on Live to beg the gifts off the Americans. 🍒 His mum is constantly at Bingo 🍊 Poor patch...
  6. mumz

    Lawrencetiktok90 #4 No job no home, TikTok career going out the door, even Tattle find him a bore

    Title courtesy of Tryger 88 Lawrence had a huge following His account seems to be dwindling a bit Bit of drama with guys and braces and mugs Loves a bit of bling Whole family have TT accounts too Keeps saying he will get a job Keeps saying he is still losing weight Only follows gifters Seems to...
  7. CoconotLoco

    Lawrencetiktok90 #3

    New thread could not see a new one, hope it’s okay?
  8. N

    Lawrencetiktok90 #2

    To be continued.. Would someone like to do a recap? I wasn’t paying attention to the last thread, sorry
  9. CoconotLoco


    What do people think of this guy? Got over 2 million followers, mostly known for his weigh-loss journey.