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  1. lestarkettlex

    Laura greaves #27 She's a child abuser, an addict and drug user, begging on tiktok like a self entitled loser.

    Thanks @rattler89 for the title. ๐Ÿ’ž you win a kitten!! After the sad loss of Jedi, killed at the hands of Laura, Vega is apparently pregnant. Letโ€™s hope she manages to run away before giving birth in that house of horrors. Christmas has been and gone and Laura has taken all the toys like the...
  2. lestarkettlex

    Laura Greaves #26 still as fat, killed her cat and still a prat.

    good day merry evening all, Welcome to thread 26 - nearly the same amount of stones Laura/Maya/Violet claims to have lost every week whilst eating garlic bread and cheese for tea. Jedi, (๐ŸŒˆ) the latest victim of Laura/maya/violets extreme narcissism, Poor thing had worms and Laura/maya/violet...
  3. lestarkettlex

    Laura Greaves #25 lost her kid, house half did, ALFEHH WHERE YA HID?

    Thank you me for being the comedic genius I was raised to be. I win, a flea and a bottle of Smirnoff tropical yay. recap is: lost her kid and pretended to be worried home is still half did and horizontal is how she stays enjoy trowls
  4. lestarkettlex

    Laura Greaves #24 kids have got nits, cat has got fleas, Jabba’s so obese that just walking makes her wheeze!

    Quick title for the TROWWWWWLS. Thank you @NegativeEnergy โœจ you win a bottle of WKD and a kitten from the flea pit id give a recap but all you need to do is watch a basic channel 5 documentary and you get the picture
  5. lestarkettlex

    Laura Greaves #23 Velma Greaves has no knees, everyday where are meeeh keyssss.

    Thank you @noseytrucker You winโ€ฆ a wkd and a carrrrr without insurance. Recap please ๐Ÿคข
  6. Mrskane29

    Laura Greaves #22 Egg fried rice, Alfie has lice, LEW CAN YOU BRING ME A DRINK WITH ICEEEE!!!

    Congrats @jcocfOn the title! Anyone do a recap?
  7. Dracarys.x

    Laura Greaves #21 In her new house but too lazy to tidy it, welcome to the life of a bone idle clampit

    We desperately needed a new thread and I went back a few pages and couldn't find any thread suggestions! Carry on tattling trolls! ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜˜
  8. Mrskane29

    Laura Greaves #20 Big fat self-entitled twunt is already saying she's not paying her rent upfront...

    Congrats @DownBelow21! As you were trowwwwlllssss.
  9. Mrskane29

    Laura Greaves #19 Ditched the kids cos she cant control em, now shes prancing round and humping half of Oldham

    Congrats @AkashaQueenOfTheDamned on the title! Had to change shagging coz I think that's against title rules and take a few character out as was too long! :( As you were trolllllls ๐Ÿ˜˜
  10. Mrskane29

    Laura Greaves #18 The mucky kank is back in Manc, think the eldest needs to talk to Frank!

    Well done to myself! As you were you horrible bunch of bullies xo
  11. Mrskane29

    Laura Greaves #17 Still swears blind she’s a good mum, one call from the social and they’re off on run!

    Congrats @noseynorris99 on the thread title! As you were you OBSESSED bunch of trolls ๐Ÿ˜˜ --- Here's another new title for ya Lewis!
  12. Mrskane29

    Laura Greaves #16 DANNEH seen the light, Laura still smells like poop, she’s taken the airfryer out of spite!

    Congrats @moonmoods ! As you were trolls x Had to change the word shite sorry guys x
  13. sourlemon

    Laura Greaves #15 Pushed Danny too far, now the narcissistic is back to living in the car

    @DownBelow21 ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป This was in the top running title suggestions, and most fitting for the situation.. Carry on you jealous bastuuuurds ๐Ÿงก Itโ€™s my first time creating a thread, just want to say @DownBelow21 & @ghostguy had excellent title suggestions and they had equal votes.
  14. Mrskane29

    Laura Greaves #14 No boys, please stay!!! I NEED your PIP and DLA!!

    Congrats @ghostguy ๐Ÿ˜Š As you were you bunch of bullies!
  15. Mrskane29

    Laura Greaves #13 She's fat, she's round, her boys beds can't be found!

    Winner of the tie! As you were trolls!
  16. Mrskane29

    Laura Greaves #12 A big pig, who dumps the kids to hump a twig!

    These threads are moving super quick! Congrats on the title @Dogwithabone ! As you were trolls!
  17. Mrskane29

    Laura Greaves #11 Will Jabba the who only thinks of her gut, ever get off her big fat butt?

    My first ever title ๐Ÿ˜…โœŒ As you were ya jealous bunch of bastuuuurrds.
  18. DownBelow21

    Laura Greaves #10 Christmas time...somebody better call childline

    We desperately needed a new thread! This time I won with 16 likes on my thread title suggestion woo. Can someone do a catch up when they get time? Merry Christmas tattlers ๐Ÿฅฐ
  19. Mrskane29

    Laura Greaves #9 Too lazy to cook Why should I when paid 2 duck? Got OF mastered you're just jealous basturds!

    Landslide winner of the new thread title @Sawna! Had to edit it abit as was too long!
  20. DownBelow21

    Laura Greaves #8 She can't raise a deposit and her man is in the closet

    Laura Greaves aka Anne Jane aka Mucky Feet... Can be found on Instagram & Tiktok. Is the world's most disgustingly selfish mother. Can't believe how quickly we're getting through these threads now! Well done TTmumma for getting the most likes for the new thread title. Please can someone do a...
  21. DownBelow21

    Laura Greaves #7 Anne Jane I feel fat today

    Desperately needed a new thread and this time it was me with the most likes woohooo ๐Ÿ˜€ Previous thread title: Laura Greaves #6 Alfie's a slave, Lewis misbehaves and Laura needs a shave! | Tattle Life Quick catch up Put her xmas tree up in September Kept whinging she wanted to move house...
  22. Mrskane29

    Laura Greaves #6 Alfie's a slave, Lewis misbehaves and Laura needs a shave!

    Well done @DownBelow21 on the thread title!
  23. DownBelow21

    Laura Greaves #5 MaccyD's everyday, hair like hay, we wish she'd put her flaps away

    Previous Thread: Laura Greaves #4 Porkie Yorkie | Page 51 | Tattle Life Still drama drama drama in the life of Laura: Still fighting with her dad Doesn't speak to half her family Had a 'fight' in the street with some neighbours after running her mouth off to them, then later turned it around...
  24. DownBelow21

    Laura Greaves #4 Porkie Yorkie

    Created thread as we desperately needed one. Please can someone do a low down?
  25. Ems88ALFTYMAX

    Laura Greaves #3

    I have made this because nobody seemed to be able to at the end of the last thread. Someone please do a re-cap as I haven't been watching her long.. I am disgusted she is sat in A n E on fucking live with her child who is hurt, then proceeds to tell him to scream when he sees the doc because...