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  1. sleepingpanda

    KSI & The Sidemen #7 Audience is disengaged, Josh is engaged and Faith is enraged

    Thank you @sophie1106 for the title…only 1 I could find. since thread 6… - vik is married - Josh and Freya are engaged 🥰 - they probably launched some other business that no one cares about - Randy left his Mrs because he thinks he’s the man 😴 - they have announced a Netflix special - is...
  2. tattle420

    KSI & The Sidemen #6 Faith thinks she’s a YouTube pro, can the Sidemen handle KSI’s new ego?

    Big thanks to @sophie1106 for the thread title! Recap: - Simon & Talia got married. He wore nike sneakers & talia had split hair - Faith is now a professional youtuber, husband basher and is dying to be engaged/married - Sasha is still pretending she's single - The Sidemen got cancelled for 2...
  3. L

    KSI & The Sidemen #5 They made a hit Christmas jingle, and the word on tattle is Harry's single 😉

    New thread! Title from @Peachpot 🔥
  4. Macadelic

    KSI & The Sidemen #4 Babies, fights and weddings, wonder when sidemen will be ending?

    Thanks to Sophie1106 for the title! Past Threads: KSI & The Sidemen #1 KSI & The Sidemen #2 KSI & The Sidemen #3 Time for round 3! 🥊🔔
  5. Macadelic

    KSI & The Sidemen #3 Ethan’s gonna have a daughter, hopefully no1 gives her the clapped banter slaughter

    Thanks to PaigeLemonade for the title! (Had to make it shorter to use it) Past Threads: KSI & The Sidemen #1 KSI & The Sidemen #2 Lets continue :coffee:
  6. Macadelic

    KSI & The Sidemen #2 Vik's engaged & Randy's a dad, guaranteed it's made Faith mad!

    Time for a new thread! Thought the title was fitting ;) lets continue :ROFLMAO:
  7. HanB33

    KSI, JJ and Sidemen

    I plonked him in Celebs seeing as he's making it more as a music artist now than a youtuber.. What are peoples views on him? I CANNOT stand him. The size of his ego is ridiculous and the way he speaks to women is horrific. He just seems like an absolute prick and you can see the other sidemen...