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  1. Raker

    Kat Farmer DMBL40 #9 Lose the hat, Kat, you look like Slenderman in flip flops

    Based on this image from @Clytemnestra , and the cleaned up poetic words of @Vacuous Recap - Kat sinks lower, worryingly, by the day. Don’t know what else to say really, other than please get help Kat. Your lifestyle is not enviable, you seem very unwell. Please just step away from social...
  2. U

    Kat Farmer DMBL40 #8 Please get help!

    A fresh thread
  3. Raker

    Kat Farmer DMBL40 #7 Ridley-me-ree, I get it all free; hotels galore and charcuterie

    I think this was the winning suggestion - and it’s a cracker. Congratulations @blanket_botherer , your prize is a root touch up appointment with Adam Reed, and a polyester mumu courtesy of Ridley. If you can provide your own hat you’ll have the Kat happy life look perfected! previously… well...
  4. Raker

    Kat Farmer DMBL40 #6 Chicken Fillets in her cheeks, behaving like Katie Price of Seven Oaks for weeks

    Thanks to @Deevee47 for the most liked title suggestion. We could equally have gone with @Sooz ‘s OH HONEY NO is right. Kat’s in New York on an odd trip with her daughter. But otherwise very much living the single life. Apparently. Any other recap? It’s all bad hats and booze I think…...
  5. Raker

    Kat Farmer DMBL40 #5 Missing Rings, Swimsuit Mings, Still Flogging all the Things

    Previous thread here: https://tattle.life/threads/kat-farmer-dmbl40-4-does-my-bag-look-40-grand.32944/ Kat’s off to Dubai, fulfilling her “literary commitments” in the middle of a family upset. It appears that all is not well in leafy Sevenoaks… thread recap anyone?
  6. Raker

    Kat Farmer DMBL40 #4 Does my bag look 40 grand

    I couldn’t stand the 59 page cliff hanger any longer, so have created a new thread - this suggestion from @D78 had the most likes. previous thread here: https://tattle.life/threads/kat-farmer-dmbl40-3-does-my-behaviour-look-racist-in-this.24107/
  7. Pocahontas

    Kat Farmer DMBL40 #3 Does my behaviour look racist in this?

    Thread title by @Brummiebird.
  8. TriviaNewtonJohn

    Kat Farmer DMBL40 #2 Tone deaf

    Thread title from @OneLineResponse Recap anyone? Latest I've seen is Neptune have decorated her room with lots of expensive stuff. Mod edit - previous thread: https://tattle.life/threads/kat-farmer-dmbl40.2001/
  9. S

    Kat Farmer - DMBL40