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  1. Bonbon76

    Joanne Cronin #9 If so much utter comes from her “soul”, is it any wonder she’s still on the dole

    Thanks to @MillenialMissionary for her winning thread title. --- Recap: Having moved on from her plans to take over the world of viscoseee fashion, Joanne is the happiest she has ever been. So content. So happy. She has taken to mumbling her way through some coaching videos, dishing out life...
  2. Bonbon76

    Joanne Cronin #8 Knickers on the floor, empty loo rolls galore, Joanne's tanning routine is a farce...

    ... she doesn't know her elbow from her arse. Congratulations @Erinslife for the superb winning thread title 👏 Edited for length.
  3. Bonbon76

    Joanne Cronin #7 No show Jojo, where did you go go? Come back please cause tattle's on a go slow

    Thanks to @BordnaRóna for the thread title with the most voted. Aaaaand she's back!
  4. Bonbon76

    Joanne Cronin #6 JoCro the no-show, stopped turning up for her lives is it any surprise

    Congratulations to @Erinslife for the thread title. Recap anyone?
  5. Bonbon76

    Joanne Marie Cronin #5 Boobs around waist, no fashion taste, now anti-waste, seems a bit spaced

    Thanks @TeaAndABun for the thread title. Anyone want to do a recap?
  6. Jesus

    Joanne Marie Cronin #4 Dog sitter, car hitter, college quitter

    Old thread: Name by @TeaAndABun 😊 Recap to be posted soon
  7. #obsssessed

    Joanne Marie Cronin #3 pond diver, shoulder injury survivor, expert claim advisor.

    @Erinslife for the title 👏 👏
  8. #obsssessed

    Joanne Marie Cronin #2 Joanne Marie Cronin, always moaning, up at 10am to make new tik

    @butterfliesandrainbows for the title As you were!! A new thread to discuss the best collab ever 😂
  9. iwokelikethis

    Joanne Marie cronin

    Irish girl from Cork... has said she has no additional or special needs... posts reals to tic toc and Instagram