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  1. It's the Fergusons #3

    Right everyone its time for a new al and jen thread! That one went by quite quick didn't it? I thought I'd do a little catch up for anyone who is knew to the thread or to anyone who's coming here to defend al and jen. They can see what we talk about and what al and jen are really like. So we...
  2. Itsthefergusons #2 Jen & I? Stable! Tell the truth about our affair? Unable!

    Second thread on Al and Jen Ferguson! This title seemed the most popular although I had to alter it to fit! I hope I've set this thread up properly, first time doing it! Just incase we have any new people coming to read/followers of al and jens who want to defend them, here is what we covered...
  3. G

    It’s The Fergusons

    Something about them I just can’t take to. Insta stories of visiting a care home, lovely thing to do don’t get me wrong at all! But why the need to share photos of these elderly people while you’re giving them presents? Why not just do it for the sake of doing it instead of looking for praise...
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