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Some very interesting comments which basically slag Islas mum and step dad off.
Her lies are outrageous it’s actually laughable!!!!!!! Jen has NEVER been respectful of Islas mum. She has emails and voicemails to prove just that. Isla called her step dad by his first name until her younger brother could talk and started to call him dad, which is when she decided she wanted to call him that too. He is 3 so do the maths “teacher” Jen when does a child start to talk????? Jen you 100% actively encouraged Isla to call you mum. Let’s not forget the time you put a roses are red love not from you ‘mum’ in Islas pocket so that her mummy would find it. You have been nothing but cruel and unkind!!! You have had one happy week away on holiday, that’s nothing compared to the memories Isla has with her mummy and step dad. Who was there for her First smile? First steps? First foods? first injections? First day at nursery? First day and school? First sports day? First school trip? When she was poorly? Had chicken pox? Who provides her with a safe loving environment? Who puts a roof over her head? .....her mummy and step dad do. I think it’s very clear Jen and Al you parent when it suits you. Jen if you hand on heart feel you have treated Isla the way you would want someone to treat Louis ........ would you be happy to read a post like that about him then????????? The way you publicly use her as part of your sick twisted game to hurt others speaks volumes about you both.


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I lost my son at 30 weeks 4 years ago, I then had to have some pretty serious procedures which mean I can’t have a baby now. If my husband ever wrote anything like that about me on social media, I’d be mortified. I talk about my son all of the time but I’ve also worked very hard not to be known as ‘the woman who lost her baby’ and to not wallow in misery or rely on losing my baby to bring me pity or sympathy. I suppose other people deal with things differently but this pair of twats annoy me no end. They’re awful awful people.
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