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Darren and Georgie Fizz are YouTubes with their children Mia, Sienna, Karma and Koa. They move around the world in short term let's producing home tours and challenge videos. Were once known as vegan fitness but rebranded to family fizz.
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  1. stargirl23

    Family Fizz #12 Who needs education when you have monetisation

    Previous thread: --- Congratulations to @donkeyfish for the great thread title
  2. raspberryjuice

    Family Fizz #11 Fizzled out of minimalist living, now it's time to spend without (much) giving!

    Thanks to @envyadams for the thread suggestion. Had to edit slightly to fit.
  3. stargirl23

    Family Fizz #10 Why Does Avril LeFizz’s Life Have To Be So “Complicated?”

    Well done to @Celestial Eclipse for the brilliant title. old thread
  4. theoneandonlylife02155

    Family fizz #9 Losing all their ethics when it comes to their aesthetics

    Thanks to @GryffindorOfTheYear for the thread title!! So they have just moved into a 5 storey house in LONDON??? but wouldn’t pay to live in costa rica. Something doesn’t add up Anyone want to fully recap
  5. raspberryjuice

    Family Fizz #8 another day, another nation. Kids still get no education

    Thanks @normanbates for the thread title. Hope I’ve done this right. Anyone recap?
  6. OliviaPope

    Family Fizz #7 Won't protect their kids' skin but happy to give them melatonin

    New thread title by @Lolly505
  7. I

    Family Fizz #6 Treasure others used to be our motto, but now we play the covid lotto

    New thread! Congrats @Former_Antelopee for thread title suggestion!
  8. S

    Family Fizz #5 Dodging taxes, dodging dads. Permanent holidays? It’s all a fad.

    Thank you @1234cghbv for the title. Anyone care to recap?
  9. I

    Family Fizz #4 How about surprising your kids with stability?

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  10. I

    Family Fizz #3 We once did drugs, now we stay virus free with hugs

    Hope nobody minds me starting off thread 3 - there was only the 1 thread title suggestion which I’ve used. First time doing this so hope I’ve done it right!!
  11. Oohthedrama

    Family Fizz #2 Another kid for a few more quid!

    if you can name it... we buy use it @Itsnotmeitsyou 😎 You named it. However, We buy you nothing 🤷‍♀️ It’s all for content 😬
  12. Oohthedrama

    Family Fizz - The Fizz Fam

    I’m on the fence about this lot. I find if I watch more than one video a week from them I feel like ive been watching toddlers play make believe while hyped up on sugar and E numbers. They are definitely more down to earth and easier on the stomach than any other Youtube families. At least when...