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  1. Callan

    Estee Lalonde #8 Depressedée, messtée, trapped her fiancée as Mirror Water lacks self-reflection.

    First comes love of freebies, then comes marriage #Sponsored #Gifted #PaidPartnership, then comes baby in a baby carriage #Sponsored #Gifted...
  2. Callan

    Estee Lalonde #7 Every good marriage starts with an ultimatum! ..right?

    Hi fellow Tattlers, welcome to the EL thread #7! Thank you to @spottydotty1315 for this very popular title suggestion, we had a lot of really good ones! The last thread got a lot of action because our girl, Estee FINALLY got the one thing she's wanted since she was 12, girl got engaged. They...
  3. Callan

    Estee Lalonde #6 oui oui I’m off to Pareee because I’m not pore

    Thank you to @Tove_drew for a fab new thead name! Fresh off her gifted 3 hotel trip to Sri Lanka with her normie boyfriend (so far we've seen his spread legs, eww, and his little hands) Estee was walking down the street back in the UK with what looked like tears in her eyes saying that booking...
  4. Callan

    Estee Lalonde #5 Navigating through life one Aslan's trust fund transfer at a time.

    Thank you to @Delizia for a fab new thread suggestion. Through our amazing Tattler sleuths we got info on who Estee's Mirror Water investors are, which includes Amelia Liana, half of Estee's office workers and surprisingly Aslan himself! Not much has changed for the recap, Estee still takes...
  5. Callan

    Estee Lalonde #4 Mirror Water on the wall, who is the Goopiest of them all

    Welcome to thread #4 you guys! Big thanks to @imtakingabath for the brilliant title as Estee is still channeling her best snake oil salesman Goopy pitch for Mirror Water, which is still a mystery of what it stands for, even by her fans. Let’s not also forget the Kermit green journal made with...
  6. Callan

    Estee Lalonde #3

    Hi friends, new thread for all things Estee Lalonde aka crusty Essie Button , thank you for the name suggestion torontoon đź’• Nothing exciting going on in her life, other than her renting an office, complaining about how boxes for new yawn worthy Mirror Water vlog blog whatever are delivered...
  7. Callan

    Estee Lalonde #2

    Thanks to @bolimepipi for new threat title :P
  8. rustanddust

    Estée Lalonde

    The last we left off with miss lalonde she - spent her bday with fake friends, sea cuke and a new accent in new york - shat on a yoga studio for closing doors on time - went on a shopping spree for ugly clothes and a new charm (G for goose changed to K For kelly) - has still not revealed that...