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  1. Rach88

    Emma Mcvey #11 Dee Dee Beadle is no longer a wife while Gaz is having the time of his life!

    Thread title suggestion by @HaventAClue new thread guys carry on
  2. Rach88

    Emma McVey #10 Tattle called it, Gaz is free. Emma ramping up the “poor me”

    Thanks to her and Gary separating her thread moved very quickly New thread Slight recap her and Gary broke up she's being very vocal and liking narcissistic quotes etc while he's never looked happier or more free chester is still the golden boy Link to previous thread here...
  3. Rach88

    Emma McVey #9 I got 99 problems but a witch...is just gonna label her kids with them all instead

    Excellent thread title by @Eliza-Beth Had to shorten a couple of dots for it to fit Link to previous thread https://tattle.life/threads/emma-mcvey-8-gaz-is-off-on-another-golf-trip-its-probably-because-hes-married-to-a-drip.33919/ Not sure on what there is to recap really 😂
  4. Rach88

    Emma McVey #8 Gaz is off on another golf trip, it's probably because he's married to a drip

    Thread suggestion by @e.l.lofthouse Continue 😏 Link to previous thread here https://tattle.life/threads/emma-mcvey-7-its-2022-emma-by-name-munchausens-by-proxy-thread-no2.28718/page-51
  5. Rach88

    Emma Mcvey #7 It’s 2022, Emma by name munchausens by proxy thread no2

    Well done to @al255 for the second hilarious epic thread title Recap chestaaa is still spoilt an actual policeman came off duty during his party prim and chestaaa still have crap for brekkie they don't know the word no prim still being left out while chesta has all the fun and is becoming more...
  6. SophSpinsSillyStories

    Emma McVey #6 Emma by name munchausens by proxy

    Wonder what hypochondria we’ll see in this thread. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Congrats to @clonicks for an epic, winning thread title!
  7. MrSoHmYgOsH

    Emma McVey #5 Justice for Primrose

    New thread Anyway want to do a recap?
  8. C

    Emma McVey #4 all aboard the train to the White Rose, oh tit we’ve forgotten Primrose.

    Thanks to @Veronicacorningstone for the thread title. It’s hands down genius!!! TLDR: Gaz and Emma got hitched. Chestaaah couldn’t handle the attention not being on him for a whole day so was carried down the aisle with his manky bunny in his gob by his mum. He also has ‘PTSD’ from a car...
  9. yeahyouhun

    Emma McVey #3 Still on the floor, 1 month till the wedding, something we’re sure Gary is dreading

    Thread number 3! Well done @Rose94 on the winning thread title! Had to shorten it a bit to make it fit, this is the full version: still on the floor, 1 month till the wedding, something we’re sure Gary is dreading
  10. Eyeofthetiger

    Emma McVey #2 in her pjs doing undeclared ads and Gaz Beadle is dreaming night with lads

    Thanks @ImoC for the title. Thread number 2 Emma has managed to drag herself up from the floor to take her kids out every in a lockdown, still hasn’t managed to wear a mask correctly though How did they manage to not leave their house for a year and not it’s a lockdown they are out every 5...
  11. H

    Emma Mcvey

    Gary from geordies shores ‘better’ half. Their child is an absolute cash cow, i can’t believe more people do not cotton on to her blatant failure to declare ads and paid work through Instagram she has no regard to asa at all. She’s that bad I’ve used her as a case study in a dissertation and...