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  1. Bubblepink

    Emily Norris #10 The Benjamin Buttoning of Jackson

    New thead There were not many suggestions for thread titles, the one with the most votes however was from @Pleaselike Not a huge amount to recap, Emily still flogging anything and everything, running out of content and posting boasting holiday vlogs. As you were tattlers….
  2. C

    Emily Norris #9 Emily the egg constantly on the beg, dying YT channel in the dreggs

    New thread for Emily and her holiday and expensive dress filled life. Thanks to @Bugaboobxtch for the title.
  3. Someonestolemyusername

    Emily Norris #8 Show off vlogs, forgotten dogs, spoilt children given toys and trips to flog!

    I've started a new thread, Well done @Bugaboobxtch for the most liked title suggestion! With all that said.... let's get into it!
  4. OliviaPope

    Emily Norris #7 Forehead like an egg, always on the beg with content in the dregs

    Top voted title @Bubblepink
  5. C7645

    Emily Norris #6 FHMily Copying content, views taking a dent, losing fans, negativity BANNED

    We were well overdue a new thread! Congrats to @HankMcPrank on the winning title I had to edit slightly to fit (and get reference to her FHM spread) Talking of which, it’s always worth a reshare at the start of each thread
  6. C7645

    Emily Norris #5 FHMily on a fake fad diet, all while her kids run riot

    Well done @TartanHillHussy for the only thread suggestion. Edited to add references to her FHM days 😂 Always worth a repost of these photos too 😂
  7. OliviaPope

    Emily Norris #4 FHMily’s spaghettities caused a sensation, £1M house needs renovation

    Top voted title @mrtumble & @Teabee @Nofangirl shout out for the FHM upload too funny not to repost
  8. OliviaPope

    Emily Norris #3 A laundry shoot? Just chuck it down the stairs love!

    New thread title by @Lildunc from one of the most liked comments on the last thread.
  9. H

    Emily Norris #2 new hair for Matt, new forehead for me, if only morals were gifted for free

    New thread. There were no suggestions so just came up with something off the top of my head 😂 feel free to change if anyone can think of something else
  10. D

    Emily Norris

    I quite like Emily but find that at times I will be happily watching a vlog of hers to find out its yet another ad, shes quite a good sales woman and her family seem a lot more normal compared to a lot of other youtube families.