Emily Norris #6 FHMily Copying content, views taking a dent, losing fans, negativity BANNED

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We were well overdue a new thread! Congrats to @HankMcPrank on the winning title

I had to edit slightly to fit (and get reference to her FHM spread)

Talking of which, it’s always worth a reshare at the start of each thread



every single thing is an ad.
Say this on every thread, she taught me so much 2 years ago, yes via ads at times but there wasn’t so many.
Recent thing I notice is a holiday packing one from a while back she uses a branded shave gel and razor, saying her go to.
Recently states every holiday she gets a wax!

which is it? As we know she’s vain, I’m going to say she waxes and sells over priced razors to her minions. Couldn’t believe it when I realised


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Anyone else noticed after her grand vow renewal Emily can’t stop showing off her rings? As if her £1mil house ain’t enough she can’t go a day without flashing her diamonds in stories, thumbnail, vlogs, you name it, the prat’s got to make sure everyone knows how rich she is. She never used to touch her chin or scratch her face or swipe hair back so much in stories but now it’s every fucking day and every shot her left hand just so happened to be in view. No right handed person gestures predominantly with the left hand, it’s so unnatural and some poses so awkward idk is there anything shedoes that isn’t fake? You ain’t the only person who wears diamonds Ems no big deal, the funniest thing is I thought she had a large stone in the centre with halo to appear larger but on today’s stories it’s actually four small stones which costs less than a solitaire. Why haven’t upgraded your diamonds Ems? Not in the budget after the window seat and jack and Jill? Clearly no one has told her the triple band chunky manly look ain’t in fashion.

And Matt won’t even wear his wedding band 😂. I know in many countries married couples don’t wear wedding rings or take the husband’s surname but for us here it’s still common practice, it’s the least he could do whether £20 or £2000 you’d think he’d wear it if he loved her, it’s just one ring it ain’t asking for much IMO. My BIL also dislikes wearing jewellery he takes it off as it interferes in his line of work but he still puts it back on at home or when out and about. Idk anyone else smell a divorce coming up in future? they don’t even sleep in the same room half the time 🤷‍♀️ and he never wants to get close or snog her unless she makes him do it for her cringe reels 😂😂



She really left her kids again hahahaha for someone who claims to have separation anxiety to the extent of having therapy this is a joke! 😂She would be better off just admitting she can't wait to get away from them and enjoys her breaks from her kids... Nevermind these separation anxiety lies she spouts to make herself look like a good mum
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